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Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

Breakfast: 0% to 50%, 2 supplements; 50% to 90%, 1 supplement;. ... Lunch or dinner: 0% to 50%, 3 supplements; 50% to 99%, 2 supplements.
September 2011

Triclosan banned from health care antiseptics

The FDA recommends asking patients if they are taking any biotin supplements, including those marketed for hair, skin, and nail growth.
February 2018

MKSAP quiz on pregnancy

Medications are a prenatal multivitamin and folic acid supplement. On physical examination, temperature is 37 C (98.7 F), blood pressure is 90/60 mm Hg, pulse rate is 110/min,
October 2019


Moghissi, MD, FACE. A Supplement to ACP HospitalistRelease date: December 15, 2009Expiration date: December 31, 2010Estimated time to complete activity: 2.0 hours. ... This supplement will review these goals, the evi-dence supporting these goals, and
November 2009

Septic shock, C. diff, and more

The study population also included a large number of patients with cirrhosis, and the dose of thiamine was higher than in previous studies of the supplement in septic shock (500 mg
January 2019

Avoid common mistakes when treating hyponatremia

These goals and limits were endorsed in a set of expert panel recommendations, published as a supplement to the American Journal of Medicine in 2013.
February 2018


130 Documentation of all current Patientmedications including prescription, Safetyover-the-counter drugs, herbals and nutritional supplements.
September 2014

Reviewing medications in elderly inpatients

Experts agree that one of the best ways to ascertain what a patient is taking is “brown-bagging,” or having the patient or caregiver bring all medications, including supplements and
October 2012

FDA warns about clarithromycin in heart disease

Recall and destruction of a large number of kratom-containing dietary supplements.
May 2018


28 ACPHOSPITALIST March 2012. PARENTERAL IRON FOR PREOPERATIVE IRONDEFICIENCY ANEMIA: A SAFE CHOICE?Supplement may prevent perioperative blood transfusions.
March 2012

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