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The guidelines, which appeared as a supplement to the February Chest, cover the following areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment in extensive detail: evidence-based management of anticoagulant therapy; prevention of
May 2012

Focus on: Pressure ulcers

Although malnutrition may be a risk factor in the development of pressure ulcers, a recent Cochrane review concluded that it remains unclear whether nutritional interventions such as dietary supplements are effective ... Use a multivitamin supplement in
July 2007

Septic shock, C. diff, and more

The study population also included a large number of patients with cirrhosis, and the dose of thiamine was higher than in previous studies of the supplement in septic shock (500 mg
January 2019

New C. diff drug and MRSA test

A recall of Multi-Mex Distributor Inc. dietary supplements because they may be labeled as antibiotic drugs.
August 2011

‘PharManure’ and drugs to hate the most

This study was published a month before another study saying that selenium is a heavy metal and shouldn't be in all kinds of supplements,” said Dr.
June 2012


130 Documentation of all current Patientmedications including prescription, Safetyover-the-counter drugs, herbals and nutritional supplements.
September 2014

Causes of acute liver failure, from acetaminophen to Z

I really do not like herbal supplements,” Dr. Krok said. She noted that a variety of over-the-counter supplements have been associated with drug-induced liver injury, including Airborne, Hydroxycut,
June 2019

New drug approval for HAP and VAP

as a drug or dietary supplement. Available data suggest that certain substances in kratom have opioid properties that may expose users to the risks of addiction, abuse, and dependence.
August 2019


28 ACPHOSPITALIST March 2012. PARENTERAL IRON FOR PREOPERATIVE IRONDEFICIENCY ANEMIA: A SAFE CHOICE?Supplement may prevent perioperative blood transfusions.
March 2012

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Coenzyme Q-10. Garlic supplements. Chondroitin. Ginkgo biloba. Combination herb pills. Ginseng.
February 2009

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