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A leap forward

For me, however, segments became beautiful flutes, which I had been successfully selling on GalaxE-bay to supplement my measly MedTech-7 salary.
July 2009

Hospital medicine core competencies updated

The introduction was published as a supplement to the April Journal of Hospital Medicine, along with the three sections of the competencies:and.
April 2017

Treat the elderly patient, not just the illness

Even when dietary supplements are prescribed, patients often don't drink them.
November 2007

Obesity and malnutrition are not mutually exclusive

The odds of having vitamin deficiencies are very high with patients with gastric bypass, especially if they do not take all of the vitamin and mineral supplements that they are instructed
February 2015

Test yourself: Nutrition

A. Enteral supplements. B. A gluten-free diet. C. A proton pump inhibitor. ... Enteral supplements may lead to worsening symptoms because of the concentrated carbohydrates contained in these supplements.
August 2009

Cold products, digoxin, defibrillators recalled

A recall of libido supplement Libimax because it contains tadalafil, which may interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs, such as nitroglycerin, and may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. ... A recall of dozens of dietary supplements
June 2009

Recent Research

Researchers discovered moderate-strength evidence that—when compared to placebo, standard care or sham interventions—pressure ulcer healing improved with air-fluidized beds (five studies), protein- containing nutritional supplements (12 studies),
September 2013

Cases from Montefiore Medical Center

Four days after admission, she had clinically improved and was discharged home on oral iron supplements and scheduled for a gynecology follow-up to further evaluate her menorrhagia.
February 2013

‘PharManure’ and the drugs you hate the most

This study was published a month before another study saying that selenium is a heavy metal and shouldn't be in all kinds of supplements,” said Dr.
April 2012

Internal medicine unites to improve transitions of care

ACAM2000 supplements the current supply of smallpox vaccine, making the nation more prepared should the virus ever be used as a weapon, an FDA release said.
October 2007

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