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When patients wander

Hospitals need detailed policies on patient elopement to avoid this sentinel event and protocols for responding when it does happen.

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Avoid common mistakes when treating hyponatremia

Acute hyponatremia merits rapid correction to prevent brain herniation, but overtreatment of hyponatremia can lead to osmotic demyelination syndrome.

The antisesquipedalianist

An intern encounters a patient with something to say.

‘Skip the Drips' reduced PPI overuse

Residents and fellows at one hospital corrected overuse of proton-pump inhibitor infusions for upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

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Targeting smoking cessation efforts

Hospitalists can tailor therapies and increase the chance that patients will quit.

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The challenges of pregnancy during residency

A recent study found female residents who became pregnant during residency had significantly lower peer evaluation scores.

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Alcohol use disorders

Alcohol-induced conditions are complications directly due to alcohol use disorder, but because most can also occur independently, clinicians must specifically document the connection.

Inflammatory bowel disease and other tricky conditions

This issue features expert tips on IBD, hyponatremia, and smoking cessation, as well as an article on patient elopement.

Nurses and delirium

A reader responds to a recent article on preventing delirium in the ICU.

Triclosan banned from health care antiseptics

Details on the latest recalls, alerts, and approvals.

MKSAP quiz on inflammatory bowel disease

This month's quiz includes questions from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program 17 about inflammatory bowel disease.


Hospitalist mentorship, heart failure prediction

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