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Too much of a good thing

We are seeing more patients with hypercalcemia associated with taking calcium carbonate and other supplements. ... The patient will need to remain in the hospital and be treated with oral and/or IV calcium supplements, and calcitriol, he added.
May 2012

Septic shock patients who received IV thiamine had faster lactate clearance, study finds

The study population also included a large number of patients with cirrhosis, and the dose of thiamine was higher than in previous studies of the supplement in septic shock (500 mg
July 2018

Khat use in the U.S.

Hospitalists have learned to account for a plethora of customs, diets, lifestyles and herbal supplements that may influence patients' health and well-being.
August 2008

Pressure ulcer prevention, risk assessment and treatment analyzed in reviews

Researchers discovered moderate-strength evidence that—when compared to placebo, standard care or sham interventions—pressure ulcer healing improved with air-fluidized beds (five studies), protein-containing nutritional supplements (12 studies),
July 2013

‘PharManure’ and drugs to hate the most

This study was published a month before another study saying that selenium is a heavy metal and shouldn't be in all kinds of supplements,” said Dr.
June 2012

ADA recommendations increase blood pressure target to below 140 mm Hg systolic in diabetic patients

They were published online Dec. 20, 2012, and in a special supplement to the January 2013 Diabetes Care.
January 2013

6 keys to managing the cirrhotic inpatient

Dr. Young said he recommends patients consume frequent meals, snacks, and supplements.
May 2015

Don't look now, but you are surrounded

spectrum are products like active culture yogurts and Lactobacillus supplements.
August 2011

Understanding nocturnists

There is good evidence that melatonin works for improving sleep for jet lag, despite the lack of standardization in its manufacture as a supplement.
October 2016

ACP unveils tools to improve acute coronary syndrome care

The guide includes information to help patients maintain a healthy heart, with sections on lifestyle modifications, medications and supplements, and recovery issues, such as when to go back to work and
April 2013

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