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Working overtime

Like many young physicians, Dan Bensimhon, MD, looked for ways to supplement his income when he and his wife—also a physician—were juggling the demands of subspecialty fellowships with supporting
April 2015

The most basic therapy: food

Europeans are also more likely to use parenteral nutrition as a supplement to enteral nutrition, a technique that's still under debate in this country.
August 2009

‘PharManure’ and the drugs you hate the most

This study was published a month before another study saying that selenium is a heavy metal and shouldn't be in all kinds of supplements,” said Dr.
April 2012

Reporting malnutrition

Nutritional supplements and vitamins have been prescribed and given. The following scenarios illustrate the impact of nutrition terminology on MS-DRG assignment, as shown by the reimbursement for this case.
August 2009

Updated guidelines released on antithrombotic therapy, thrombosis prevention

The guidelines, which appear as a supplement to the February Chest, cover the following areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment in extensive detail:.
February 2012

Therapeutic hypothermia, HAI network, and more

The program's results were published as a supplement, which was supported by the Health Research & Educational Trust, on Oct. ... The supplement includes 14 articles detailing the steps taken to reduce each targeted infection, the overarching structure
May 2020

Better handoffs

However while such tools offer a potential solution, they appear to work best as a supplement to—not a replacement for—face-to-face communication.
December 2016

Do you know your core competencies?

The role-defining document, published as a supplement to the April Journal of Hospital Medicine, may be most useful for program directors and other physician educators, said ACP Member Satyen Nichani,
July 2017

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Seven trials evaluated nutritional supplements. One higher-quality trial found that protein supplementation improved wound healing compared with placebo (improvement in Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing, mean of 3.55 [standard ... 3.22 [standard deviation
February 2009

ACP unveils tools to improve acute coronary syndrome care

The guide includes information to help patients maintain a healthy heart, with sections on lifestyle modifications, medications and supplements, and recovery issues, such as when to go back to work and
April 2013

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