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The scourge of seven on/seven off

But the intensity of care we provide is at a much higher level than that of our consultant colleagues. ... Because we often spend so little time with these patients, clinical care is sloppy, patients are unhappy, and unnecessary tests and consults are
May 2011

Infectious diseases

The study included 4,323 patients in the University of North Carolina Center for AIDS Research HIV Clinical Cohort who received clinical care in 1996 to 2016 (29% women, 60% black). ... The findings show the importance of early diagnosis and retention in
October 2019

10th Annual Top Hospitalists issue

As clinical practice director at Northwestern, ACP Member Rachel Cyrus, MD, is in charge of making day-to-day care as rewarding as possible for the hospitalist group. ... Residency: UWSM Seattle-Boise Primary Care Pathway. Title: Chief of the hospital
November 2017


with suspected acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and myocardial injury, according to two recent studies of sex-related differences in cardiac care. ... A contemporary cardiac troponin I assay was used to guide clinical care for a validation phase of at least
October 2019

Determining actionability of genetic findings

The medical, ethical and legal challenges of incidental findings in routine clinical care, especially with the advent of very low-cost exome or whole-genome sequencing, are daunting and just beginning ... We are approaching a phase of exponential growth
August 2012

Natriuretic peptide-guided therapy didn't reduce heart failure hospitalizations or mortality

They concluded that the biomarker-guided therapy was not more effective than usual care. ... Perhaps the most likely explanation for the outcomes observed in the GUIDE-IT trial is that when clinical care follows guidelines and addresses the key issues,
August 2017

Reducing readmissions by empowering patients

While a number of our volunteers are retired nurses or have had some health care experience, we've also had lay volunteers,” said Ms. ... Bolotin. “Because it's not case management, it's not clinical care, [the program] allows a lay person who learns
September 2010

A passion for quality improvement, right from the start

Do some introspection as a physician about what you really love to do on a daily basis, whether it is academics, teaching or clinical care, and do that. ... Future goals: We are really at a crossroads in health care delivery today.
December 2008

Anxieties about health, access to outpatient care drive patients back to ED after discharge

The interviews comprised open-ended questions on clinical care, the discharge process, and prescriptions from the index visit; use of health care since the index visit; transportation availability/use; social support; ... Forty percent of patients
September 2014

Fight burnout while fostering experience

Dr. Meltzer also pointed to another way in which hospitalists impact quality of care and length of stay: the “spillover effect.”. ... The first four hospitalists [who went through the program] now have stable research positions with funding to
July 2008

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