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Fight burnout while fostering experience

Dr. Meltzer also pointed to another way in which hospitalists impact quality of care and length of stay: the “spillover effect.”. ... The first four hospitalists [who went through the program] now have stable research positions with funding to
July 2008


We tried to organize our clinical services in two directions. One is, how are we going to take care of large numbers of COVID or potentially COVID patients? ... One needs to develop expertise around the care of these patients, not just clinical care, but
April 2020

Beyond the M&M

At UCLA Medical Center, which launched its rapid mortality review program a little over 3 years ago, every death is reviewed by a clinical care team made up of an attending ... The chief resident is directed to touch on issues around self-care,” she
September 2016

Tips for social media users

You can think of using social media for clinical care as a hierarchy of needs,” she said. ... Documentation about patient care communications should be included in the patient's medical record.
May 2016

Satisfying patients—one or many at a time

Dr. Slataper's hospital found success with a “team nurse” system in which each physician works with a clinical care coordinator who assists patients in arranging post-discharge care. ... Our patients' care is enhanced when a discharge plan actually
August 2013

Fixing folate testing for high-value care

John Hopkins is famous for many things, including high-quality clinical care, but providing cost-effective, high-value care has not historically been one of them, according to hospitalist leaders there. ... They're really interested in figuring out how
March 2016

Patient navigator program reduces length of stay

As members of the clinical team with no clinical responsibilities, navigators ranged in experience and did not necessarily have backgrounds in health care. ... The hospital implemented the program in 2010 with 2 navigators on the division and in 2012
November 2015

Negative, positive vs. even fluid balance may increase long-term mortality risk among critically ill, study finds

Results were published online on April 21 by Critical Care Medicine. ... The authors stated that their findings have implications for clinical care, such as the current use of negative fluid balance as a justification for liberating patients early from
May 2017

Community hospitals branch out to clinical research

I was always interested in having … protected time to develop clinical research,” Dr. ... Many of these groups are struggling just to try to deliver day-to-day clinical care, let alone having the time to allow someone to leave the hospital, meet with
December 2008

Taking better care of transgender patients

In addition, the medical school at Mount Sinai has added content on transgender-specific clinical care to the training curricula for students and residents. ... Shipherd said. The second clinical consultation program, transgender e-consultation, allows
October 2015

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