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3 Wishes, penalties, and more

in academic tertiary care centers, potentially limiting generalizability to other settings, the authors noted. ... The study included 4,323 patients in the University of North Carolina Center for AIDS Research HIV Clinical Cohort who received clinical
April 2020

Hospital medicine around the world

Huddleston said. The track would include coursework in measurement, guidelines, clinical care development and model development. ... Their main concerns are with maintaining physician autonomy and continuity of care for patients—similar to the fears
July 2009

Fluid balance, MI rule-out, anticoagulation after hemorrhage, and more

Results were published online on April 21 by Critical Care Medicine and appear in the August issue. ... The authors stated that their findings have implications for clinical care, such as the current use of negative fluid balance as a justification for
September 2017

‘Digitally native’ learners and physician evaluation

To be fair, this is not without reason. It's impossible to provide high-quality care without a solid body of clinical knowledge and understanding of pathophysiology. ... It also reflects 2 realities that are apparent to most digitally native trainees:
March 2015

Lab oversight important even for waived testing

Q: How does laboratory medicine affect clinical care, especially in the current health care environment, with models such as the patient-centered medical home and accountable care organizations? ... Q: What can be done to encourage more oversight in
January 2014

Future genomics research aims to be clinical

This new strategic vision has a considerably more clinical slant than its 2003 predecessor, reflecting the growing confluence of genomics research, clinical research and clinical care. ... The blueprint portrays non-linear advances, with ongoing clinical
April 2011

In the News

only. The performance measures, classified under the domain of effective clinical care, were as follows:. ... Monthly international normalized ratio for warfarin treatment (outpatient). The quality measures were classified under the domains of effective
October 2016

Cancer's cure is all about the trees

2011;364:2305-15). It seems likely that clinical trials are already being planned or are underway. ... Additionally, it seems reasonable to consider building the necessary clinical infrastructure to sequence tumors from patients presenting for routine
October 2011

Getting the most from advanced practice providers

In addition to daily clinical care, APPs can participate in the other activities of the hospitalist service, suggested Dr. ... Kulkarni. “When you are first working with an APP, you may be more involved in every decision of the clinical care because
December 2016

In hopeless cases, providers have a right to refuse to continue

We live in the “patient autonomy” era, which has transformed clinical decision-making across the spectrum of medical care, largely in very positive ways. ... Under no circumstances, whether in the ICU or elsewhere, should an attending physician,
September 2008

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