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Short version of Seattle Angina Questionnaire developed

Being able to document patients' views of their health status and track the course of their health is critical to achieving a more patient-centered health care system, the authors noted. ... The SAQ-7 “has the potential to improve the efficiency of
September 2014

Fluid balance, MI rule-out, anticoagulation after hemorrhage, and more

Results were published online on April 21 by Critical Care Medicine and appear in the August issue. ... The authors stated that their findings have implications for clinical care, such as the current use of negative fluid balance as a justification for
September 2017

Cancer's cure is all about the trees

2011;364:2305-15). It seems likely that clinical trials are already being planned or are underway. ... Additionally, it seems reasonable to consider building the necessary clinical infrastructure to sequence tumors from patients presenting for routine
October 2011

Future genomics research aims to be clinical

This new strategic vision has a considerably more clinical slant than its 2003 predecessor, reflecting the growing confluence of genomics research, clinical research and clinical care. ... The blueprint portrays non-linear advances, with ongoing clinical
April 2011

New anticoagulants effective for hip, knee replacement prophylaxis but may increase bleeding risk

Also, they noted, the real risk profile of NOACs in clinical practice may differ from these findings if the strict eligibility criteria used in the trials aren't followed in clinical ... care. Still, NOACs are “reasonable options” for THR or TKR
August 2013

Fight or flight?

Conflict may be uncomfortable, but it is a fact of life for hospitalists who must work with colleagues in every part of the hospital to coordinate patients' care. ... Marcus. “Often people view the role of the hospitalist in terms of what they bring to
September 2012

Determining actionability of genetic findings

The medical, ethical and legal challenges of incidental findings in routine clinical care, especially with the advent of very low-cost exome or whole-genome sequencing, are daunting and just beginning ... We are approaching a phase of exponential growth
August 2012

Managing pain in orthopedic patients takes awareness, finesse

Because pain management in orthopedic patients often involves intricate decisions, hospitalists are ideally situated to improve clinical care in this group, experts said. ... of orthopedic surgery and director of clinical research at the Rothman
May 2008

Top Docs

It's great to see young faculty members find the aspects of clinical care, scholarship or teaching that they love and help them find the ways in which they can be ... For example, in his clinical work he observed that electronic health record (EHR)
November 2013

Patient-centered care: Not just a catchphrase

So the Institute expanded its focus to all aspects of the health care system,” Dr. ... Since then, an increasing number of health care organizations have focused more attention on patient perspectives.
August 2012

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