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Expectations exceed understanding in unraveling the genome

Waiting to investigate such potential clinical applications is likely, this group believes, to result in societal harms as unstudied new technologies pass unfiltered into the hands of health care consumers. ... Additionally, the point was made that our
March 2011

Lab oversight important even for waived testing

Q: How does laboratory medicine affect clinical care, especially in the current health care environment, with models such as the patient-centered medical home and accountable care organizations? ... Q: What can be done to encourage more oversight in
January 2014

Transitioning from the domain of health care to the domain of health

As payment and delivery reform change the landscape of clinical care, some have expanded their reach beyond the delivery of health care into the realm of promoting overall health. ... for health care systems), the organization created a system to help
September 2014

Meet Our 2019 Top Hospitalists

As Dr. Hunt put it, “She leads on the frontline, juggling clinical care, coordination of resources, and collaboration with multiple stakeholders in a complex hospital system.”. ... Her interest in improving care for patients with disabilities was
November 2019

Beyond the M&M

At UCLA Medical Center, which launched its rapid mortality review program a little over 3 years ago, every death is reviewed by a clinical care team made up of an attending ... The chief resident is directed to touch on issues around self-care,” she
September 2016

More crucial coding rules for clinicians

In the clinical care of patients, physicians have been trained to manage uncertainty with skill and confidence. ... A specific entry in the assessment should indicate abnormal findings and their clinical significance in the case.
November 2016

Connecting the causes and codes for pneumonia

Clinicians frequently dismiss these additional documentation needs as a nuisance that has no relevance to clinical care. ... Adherence to these clinical documentation principles will allow the submission of precise coded data to correctly reflect patients
August 2016

Taking better care of transgender patients

In addition, the medical school at Mount Sinai has added content on transgender-specific clinical care to the training curricula for students and residents. ... Shipherd said. The second clinical consultation program, transgender e-consultation, allows
October 2015


6 Rx ASA or clopidogrel for CAD Clinical Care. 8 Rx beta-blocker for heart Clinical Carefailure with LVEF <40%. ... 31 VTE prophylaxis for CVA or Clinical Careintracranial hemorrhage. 32 Rx antithrombotic for CVA or TIA Clinical Care.
September 2014

Recent Research

The study shows the need for price transparency in health care, according to an accompanying commentary, which said that U.S. ... pre-PCI model or involvement of home care or more rapid follow-up in patients identified by the post-PCI model.
November 2013

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