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Obesity and malnutrition are not mutually exclusive

Do they live on fast food or high-calorie but poor nutrition foods?” said Lisa Kirkland, MD, FACP, a hospitalist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and a critical care specialist ... There are not a lot of data to support hypocaloric, high-protein
February 2015


Findings of an updated systematic review and meta-analysis suggest that all hospitalized patients should be screened with a validated nutrition-screening tool, and those at risk should receive individualized nutrition ... The findings “suggest that all
November 2019

Review finds benefit to early feeding for mild to moderate pancreatitis

The editorialists' concerns included that three of the studied trials were abstract-only, that three permitted use of parenteral nutrition, and that patients were insufficiently stratified by disease severity and not ... The editorialists noted that the
May 2017

Recent Research

g/kg of body weight per day, day 3) of the standard nutrition. ... The instructions were divided into domains of medications, follow-up appointments, diet, and exercise.
January 2015

Facing feeding tubes

But they are still eating, just soft and pureed food. We supervise them. ... And I'm going to continue to offer food if they want it.’”.
February 2019

Preventing heart disease by targeting patients' loved ones

handout message about proper exercise, smoking and diet, or a special intervention group. ... A: Physical activity and diet are important for health independent of the numbers we measured.
March 2009

Which insulin? What drug? When?

If the patient is moving from enteral feeding to meals, the nutrition should come in the form of a constant (as in consistent, not total) carbohydrate diet. ... Most folks order an ‘ADA diabetes diet,’ but there has not been one of those for years.
July 2011

Malignant bowel obstruction

When pain and nausea had finally improved, he was transitioned to full liquid diet and maintained on total parenteral nutrition after discharge. ... In surgical candidates, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) can be used as a bridge to optimize status
November 2015

New indication for apixaban, approvals of gastroenteritis test, diabetes drugs

Mipomersen sodium (Kynamro) injection as an addition to lipid-lowering medications and diet to treat homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. ... It must be used with a protein-restricted diet and, in some cases, supplements.
April 2013

6 keys to managing the cirrhotic inpatient

Manage nutrition. Cirrhotic patients will often have protein calorie malnutrition, Dr. ... Young noted that they are not supported by good data. “A normal amount of protein in the diet is important for cirrhotics,” he said, “so don't restrict
May 2015

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