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We don't really serve fast food. It's our overdue payment window.”.
February 2019


He got all his food from the local convenience store. The lab and echo didn't support the admission diagnosis. ... Dr. Lundstrom grabbed his phone and looked up the nutritional value of these foods: no vitamin C.
May 2018

Serving tables to better serve patients

I was specifically impressed with how my decade of experience working in the food service industry prepared me for life in the hospital. ... And it's not just working in the food service industry that helps develop these talents.
September 2012

Guiding perioperative care for bariatric surgery

Center for Nutrition and Weight Management at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pa. ... The remaining stomach is shaped like a narrow tube, or “sleeve.” Because the procedure removes the storage function of the stomach, the quantity of food
March 2008

For glucose control, balance is key

Clement said. For enteral nutrition, physicians can use short-acting insulin as a dose-finding regimen, Dr. ... For patients receiving total parenteral nutrition, Dr. Clement recommended using a separate IV insulin infusion for 24 hours to determine the
July 2008

Top Docs

Standardized templates for the handoff sheet and progress notes include information such as code and nutrition status, VTE prophylaxis and plans for discharge.
November 2010

Approach constipation aggressively

For diet, I don't mind making patients NPO, especially since they are having nausea. ... That's also when patients get to eat again (after they've tolerated a clear liquid diet) and the treatment moves into a maintenance phase.
December 2018

Groundhog shift

The job came with a moldy hotel room, a food budget sufficient for the few fast-food joints that lined the lame main strip, and little likelihood that I'd be
February 2012


A secondary analysis of a trial that randomized patients at risk of malnutrition to protocol-guided individualized nutritional support or standard hospital food found benefits only in patients with low to ... The hospitalized patients were randomized to
March 2020

Making the case for QI

Unexpected allies for quality improvement projects can be found in departments like nutrition services. ... You can find unexpected staff allies in departments like housekeeping, which is key for throughput, or nutrition services, which is key for
July 2011

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