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A new kind of stewardship

Antiretroviral-related errors can lead to new or increased adverse effects, sub- or supratherapeutic levels of medications, drug-drug/drug-food interactions, possible treatment or prevention failure, and possible drug resistance
January 2020

Groundhog shift

The job came with a moldy hotel room, a food budget sufficient for the few fast-food joints that lined the lame main strip, and little likelihood that I'd be
February 2012

Guiding perioperative care for bariatric surgery

Center for Nutrition and Weight Management at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pa. ... The remaining stomach is shaped like a narrow tube, or “sleeve.” Because the procedure removes the storage function of the stomach, the quantity of food
March 2008

Making the case for QI

Unexpected allies for quality improvement projects can be found in departments like nutrition services. ... You can find unexpected staff allies in departments like housekeeping, which is key for throughput, or nutrition services, which is key for
July 2011

From ACP Hospitalist

This issue covers pregnant patients, healthy hospital food, and religious accommodations, among other hot topics. ... Feature articles focuses on hospitals' efforts to make their food healthier and to accommodate patients' religious beliefs and rituals.
October 2019

Take the C-TraIn

I've seen people who had no food in their homes,” Ms.
March 2012


rich food and excessive alcohol consumption, as well as gout's tendency to occur in older men.
April 2012

Adverse events from supplements bring 23,000 patients to ED each year, study finds

Supplements included herbal or complementary nutritional products and micronutrients, but excluded products that are considered food or drink, such as energy drinks. ... They also wrote that they did not collect data regarding food and drink products,
October 2015

Making time for family

He also suggested that hospitals have a day room for families that is separate from the main waiting room and includes beverages, reading material, food, and sleeping furniture for families that
October 2018

‘Surviving Sepsis' campaign associated with improved care, lower mortality

ICUs not meeting guidelines for nutrition. Hospitals that participated in a campaign to follow guidelines on managing severe sepsis and sepsis shock saw improved quality of care and lower mortality rates,
January 2010

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