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Pregnancy, food, and more

Another article in this issue looks at how hospitals are working on something that has not historically been their specialty: providing tasty, healthy food. ... The efforts range from simple steps such as talking about nutrition and offering a vegetarian
October 2019

Reporting malnutrition

MCCs for nutrition include severe malnutrition, protein malnutrition and emaciation. CCs result in increased hospital resource use as well, but to a lesser extent than MCCs. ... Excessive leanness caused by disease or lack of nutrition, and characterized
August 2009

Food for thought

I stumbled to the dining table, which was still surprisingly laid out with food. ... Gastric antral vascular ectasia was not on my diet list. How about those nice cherries?
January 2012

Obesity and malnutrition are not mutually exclusive

Do they live on fast food or high-calorie but poor nutrition foods?” said Lisa Kirkland, MD, FACP, a hospitalist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and a critical care specialist ... There are not a lot of data to support hypocaloric, high-protein
February 2015

In the News

Regionalized care teams and patient safety, guidelines for enteral nutrition in the critically ill. ... Use EN over PN in critically ill patients who require nutrition support therapy.
May 2016

Small victories on the night shift

I asked if they had food and essentials at home, and she nodded, “Yes, my sister is helping out.” I reassured her I was there all night if she needed anything
June 2020

The most basic therapy: food

Nutrition support experts want you to think of food as a drug. ... Whatever the method—food on a plate, enteral, parenteral—the nutrition support experts just want hospitalists to make sure everyone's getting fed.
August 2009

Hospitals serve up healthy food

is not always the healthiest food,” said Lisa McDowell, MS, RD, director of clinical nutrition and wellness at St. ... There are two trends at work. While hospitals are changing the food that's served to patients, staff, and visitors, they're also
October 2019


If it's not direct physical contact, where you're hugging people or shaking people's hands, you're sharing utensils and you're sharing food.
June 2020

Journal Watch: Recent studies of note

Nutrition therapy provided by ICUs often fails to meet guideline recommendations in a number of areas, a study found. ... Some of the ICUs were significantly more successful at adhering to the guidelines (one site provided nutrition for 100% of patient
May 2010

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