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We are helpers more than healers

The only visible evidence was a slight tremor of her left hand that became especially noticeable when she would take a sip from her bottle of Diet Coke; I might have
August 2014

Day of the undead: The zombie intern

Food-wise, I actually prefer the aquatic life force, so a sushi bar with really fresh fish usually takes care of things.
November 2010

MKSAP quiz on acute kidney injury

In developing countries, enteric pathogen infections usually develop after ingesting contaminated food or water. ... His lower blood pressure in the hospital may be the result of his infection, better adherence to medications, and/or diet.
October 2013

Caring for prisoners

Additional requirements, such as special diets or splints, must be noted and specially ordered.
October 2017

New antiviral, antibiotic approved

A new form of liraglutide (Saxenda) for chronic weight management, in addition to a reduced-calorie diet and physical activity.
March 2015

How to stay safe

Ah, the joy of camping. No fire, no water; we ate dry freeze-dried food, and froze.
July 2013

Attribution error results from a positive stereotype

He ran several times a week, played basketball regularly, attended yoga classes, and ate only organic foods. ... Dr. Bentson told us that the patient's weight had been stable and there was no change in his diet or exercise.
April 2011

From ACP Hospitalist

This issue covers pregnant patients, healthy hospital food, and religious accommodations, among other hot topics. ... Feature articles focuses on hospitals' efforts to make their food healthier and to accommodate patients' religious beliefs and rituals.
October 2019

New gadolinium contrast agent approved

A recall of compounded IV products from Meds IV Pharmacy due to an outbreak of Serratia marcescens bacteremia in Alabama hospitals, which CDC investigators have tied to total parental nutrition from
June 2011

Guidelines for preventing delirium offered by U.K. experts

Clinicians should also assess patients for pain, perform medication reviews, provide nutrition support when appropriate and not disturb patients' sleep.
June 2011

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