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The Hospital-List

These spell out everything from the vegetarian diet that was to be given to each patient down to how the physicians were expressly forbidden to undertake any service outside the hospital. ... This begs the question of how bad his hospital food must have
August 2012

VTE update covers new drugs, recommendations

There are no drug/drug interactions. There are no food interactions. You don't have to monitor them.
July 2010

Guidelines getting tougher on industry, but physicians are not

Q: Another interesting finding was that only about 36% of surveyed physicians thought their own prescribing was affected by gifts or food, but 52% said their colleagues are influenced.
October 2010

Letter from the Editor

While the solution must be individualized to a given hospital or service, our cover story offers food for thought about how to conceptualize workload, as well as examples of successful ways
October 2013

Red flags help hospitalists spot human trafficking

as money, food, or a place to sleep, Dr. ... food and legal assistance or long-term housing,” she said.
November 2015

Top 10 reasons not to discharge your patient

Ever. There is nothing harder than a “sticky” patient. He just loves the food and personal service and talking with you three times a day.
September 2011

Fight diuretic resistance with the right dose

It's very hard for someone to have 2 grams of sodium in their diet a day, which is what I usually recommend,” she said.
June 2017

How hospitalists handle the history

Past history: allergies, medications, immunizations, nutrition, and major illnesses, operations, and hospitalizations.
March 2012

A case of attribution error

Dr. Esber was struck by the history of poor food intake reported by the patient's family. ... Esber said. Her leg pain improved. The patient was discharged to a skilled nursing facility with instructions to provide thiamine replacement until she could
September 2010

A berth on the Tsukuba

The comparison between the two voyages, only different in the food, would tell the story. ... Well, at least the food part was not true; they did work very hard.
August 2019

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