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Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine, 2nd edition

Getting the most from advanced practice providers | ACP ...

Hospitalists team up with nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Volunteering abroad adds meaning to medical practice | ACP ...

Today's physicians may spend more time at a computer than at the bedside, but not if they volunteer abroad.

M&M conferences get swept up in QI trend | ACP Hospitalist

M##amp;M conferences now increasingly focus on the underlying causes of errors and what can be learned from them.

Capturing charges on the go | ACP Hospitalist

Using a handheld electronic device to capture procedure codes isn't new, but as the technology improves, the approach is becoming particularly ...

Hospitalists outside the hospital | ACP Hospitalist

Concerns about readmission rates and care transitions are leading some hospitalists to treat patients in the outpatient setting.

Want to know why a patient's readmitted? Ask him. | ACP ...

Physicians, hospital administrators and even politicians are eagerly searching for ways to reduce hospital readmissions. But one closely involved party ...

Let's get (more) physical | ACP Hospitalist

Physical examinations, patient interactions are emphasized as part of the art of medicine.

Hospitalists work to find their way in the ICU | ACP Hospitalist

The majority of hospitalists report that they treat ICU patients, and many feel insufficiently trained and supported.

PCPs in the hospital | ACP Hospitalist

Innovators are taking steps to help banish care discontinuity once and for all, with some especially focusing on the role of primary care physicians (PCPs ...

IV drug shortages present challenges, opportunities | ACP ...

Hospitals contend with shortages of IV opioids and parenteral solutions, but find silver lining of improved opioid prescribing practices.

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