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Lab oversight important even for waived testing

What we say to some of the primary care physicians that we talk to is “What would your practice be like if you didn't have a laboratory?” And that all ... If waived testing begins to be regulated, what could be the impact on a primary care
January 2014

Top Hospitalists

We've all probably been on the other side of that phone, and it just does not feel great to not get your answer when you really need it.”. ... Ten percent is a doable number, but you need to sell your vision.”.
November 2018

When a treatment is worse than the disease

He directs the ethics curriculum at Mayo Medical School. Send in your comments on this case or others from your practice to acphospitalist[EACHAT]
June 2008

Dictation, done better

Make sure your microphone is positioned correctly, as this is a simple way to improve accuracy. ... Exercise care when dictating medications, allergies, or parts of the physical exam, particularly when it relates to your medical decision making for the
November 2016

PCPs in the hospital

practices. “We're getting rid of high-volume, low-payment practice,” Dr. Goroll said. ... In practice, he said, direct communication (if it happens) occurs anytime during the hospitalization.
March 2018

Career advice on mentors, interviews, and contracts

your program director and ask about you,” especially if you're a new or recent graduate, Dr. ... What you should highlight are things about your practice setting.[and] your involvement in quality improvement, committees, and research.”.
May 2016

Glutted with guidelines?

The decision, as with many in clinical practice, is up to the physician. ... Jacobi. They can set a path for organizing your practice more efficiently and provide some processes to measure.
May 2013

Meet Our 2019 Top Hospitalists

in areas of hospitalist practice such as patient care, quality improvement, and medical education. ... Beachy said. Compared to his first years of practice, conversations about high-value care are less surprising to today's learners.
November 2019

Hospitals fight back against violence

Do be aware of your surroundings. Plan an escape path in the event that a situation does escalate into violence. ... It is OK to leave the room and disengage if you feel that your interaction is not producing a positive outcome.
December 2017


YOUR PRACTICE. 22 A C P H O S P I TA L I S T January 2011. ... Who. depends on us?). Improvement. PRACTICE-BASED LEARNING AND. IMPROVEMENT12(What have we learned?What will we improve?).
January 2011

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