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Communication skills vital to cancer conversations

Lifestyle choices raise your risk” can make patients think they are to blame for their cancer, he said. ... Back said. He also recommended offering the 90th percentile in your practice as the best-case scenario and the 10th percentile as the worst-case
October 2013

Getting the most from advanced practice providers

practice director for the division of hospital medicine and medical director for the physician assistant program at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. ... You have to first understand your reasons for incorporating APPs
December 2016

Panel picks appropriate uses for PICCs

What we ideally would like to do is create a toolkit, “Here's the top 5 recommendations from this panel of ways to improve your practice around venous access and PICCs,” ... I think this type of outreach and buy-in is key to start to translate these
October 2015

Hospitals reach for the stars

Would patients give your hospital care a five-star rating? As a hospitalist, it can be tough for you to determine and even harder for potential patients to find out. ... about the impact of this change in practice, he said he could physically feel the
July 2019

Telemedicine, from both sides now

So he obliged. After this incident and others that followed, the Emory eICU created protocols that support this unique aspect of teleICU practice, Ms. ... Given this, hospital administrators are pressed to find staffing models that extend the reach of
August 2019

Clinicians dive into hospital design

Such findings about the importance of design extend to other areas of hospital practice, leading many different types of clinicians to become more involved in the issue.
April 2018

A shift in hospital-physician affiliations

or your practice, but you shouldn't do it for the patient care. ... Improving quality and improving outcomes is difficult and just switching your affiliation isn't going to do the trick.
November 2016

Hospitalists work to find their way in the ICU

Take notes on encounters. Attend rapid responses and cardiac arrests in your hospital. ... Find the gaps in your critical care knowledge and then spend the next year filling those gaps.
May 2018

IV drug shortages present challenges, opportunities

Most drug shortages tend to affect one clinical discipline or another, but this one is different, said Michael Ganio, PharmD, MS, director of pharmacy practice and quality for ASHP.
September 2018


YOUR PRACTICE. 22 ACPHOSPITALIST January 2011. Patient Healthcare Matrix: Care of Patient with….AIMS. ... depends on us?). Improvement. PRACTICE-BASED LEARNING AND. IMPROVEMENT12(What have we learned?What will we improve?).
January 2011

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