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Clinicians dive into hospital design

Such findings about the importance of design extend to other areas of hospital practice, leading many different types of clinicians to become more involved in the issue.
April 2018

Comanagement commandments

You've got to be consistent.”. There are warning signs when comanagement is starting to cause problems for your practice, Dr. ... Another warning sign is finding that others, such as specialists or administrators, define what you do in your practice
June 2008

Streamlining patient transfers

We found there is no common practice of these individual transfer centers.
October 2014

Hospitalists work to find their way in the ICU

Take notes on encounters. Attend rapid responses and cardiac arrests in your hospital. ... Find the gaps in your critical care knowledge and then spend the next year filling those gaps.
May 2018

2012 diagnostic documentation update

AKI). Recently, though, greater consensus has been reached. The most current and comprehensive recommendations, released in March 2012, are the Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acute ... Staying current
September 2012

Ensure comprehension to increase adherence

How often do you have problems learning about your medical condition because of difficulty reading hospital materials?
August 2011

A legal primer for international medical graduates and their employers

Q: What do IMGs need in order to practice medicine in the U.S? ... There are thousands of these areas throughout the U.S. You can determine if your practice or hospital is in one of these areas by visiting the following page on my
October 2008

Under the same umbrella

Brown said. “You get credit for something for your entire residency that, then when you're actually out in the practice community, would be [more widely] considered somewhat deleterious to the ... The advice would be: Embrace this. It'll make your life,
November 2016

Letter from the Editor

For example, what's the ideal ratio of midlevels to hospitalists? Will your midlevels function more or less independently, or will they be part of a team? ... In our cover story on page 8, Senior Writer Jessica Berthold looks at these and other issues to
April 2009

Hospitalists outside the hospital

When the doctor later decided to devote all his time to his own practice, Dr. ... Doctoroff said. For hospitalists, the care parallels their inpatient practice to some extent, in that they treat a series of patients with complex medical issues, some of
December 2011

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