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M&M conferences get swept up in QI trend

A subsequent investigation revealed a chain of documentation and system practice errors that ranged from incomplete progress notes to misfiled immunization records. ... core competencies: patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and
January 2011

Break the fracture cycle

It usually took six or seven phone calls to nag people to get out and have your bone density done.”. ... When you come back for your first orthopedic follow-up, that's an outpatient visit,” she said.
September 2011

Innovative designs

Have you ever wanted to design a hospital and place all the spaces and features where they would work best for your clinical practice? ... A feature article in this issue describes another new advance that could be making your practice
April 2018

How long is too long in the hospital (for docs)?

Hingle said. “And by the time you start residency, you've got all your medical school debt, so what are you going to do? ... From residency to practice, seven is an important number. Night-float residents often come in to the hospital at 7 p.m.
April 2017

Peers swap ideas and tips in new online forum for health care innovations

Let's say you're having trouble keeping the glucose levels of your hospitalized patients under control, or with appointment scheduling at your practice. ... Let's say you are having trouble getting your hypertensive patients to lower their blood pressure
July 2008

A deviant approach to hospital challenges

The strategies for combating MRSA—strict hand hygiene, barrier methods on all colonized and infected patients, and active surveillance cultures—are well known, and yet the educational campaigns and best practice ... So how can your hospital use
November 2009

Pocket-sized procedures

Even advocates of the technology agree that a number of questions need to be answered before pocket ultrasounds, also called handheld or hand-carried ultrasounds, move widely into practice: Who's ... Such short courses are probably not going to be
May 2011

For hospitalists, hard work doesn't mean higher pay

That's about one million dollars annually for your practice, if you are in an average practice,” Dr.
July 2011

Yes, sickle cell is a pain

Feldman. The education includes both resident training and resources for physicians already in practice, including CME events, webinars (which are available online to physicians outside of the area) and community forums. ... You don't have to go it alone,
April 2013

A shift in hospital-physician affiliations

or your practice, but you shouldn't do it for the patient care. ... Improving quality and improving outcomes is difficult and just switching your affiliation isn't going to do the trick.
November 2016

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