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Code status discussions sometimes difficult, but necessary

I give my treatment plan recommendation for them, then say, ‘You look very well now, but I do not have a crystal ball and I need to know your preferences.’ I ... If the answer is “yes,” your job should be considerably easier.
October 2009

Assisted suicide

ACP officially opposes legalization, saying the practice can undermine patient trust and distract from ongoing efforts to improve end-of-life care. ... But the College doesn't support the practice.”. He described one of his patients, a man terminally
September 2010

For hospitalists, hard work doesn't mean higher pay

That's about one million dollars annually for your practice, if you are in an average practice,” Dr.
July 2011

Pocket-sized procedures

Even advocates of the technology agree that a number of questions need to be answered before pocket ultrasounds, also called handheld or hand-carried ultrasounds, move widely into practice: Who's ... Such short courses are probably not going to be
May 2011

Glutted with guidelines?

The decision, as with many in clinical practice, is up to the physician. ... Jacobi. They can set a path for organizing your practice more efficiently and provide some processes to measure.
May 2013

Meet Our 2019 Top Hospitalists

in areas of hospitalist practice such as patient care, quality improvement, and medical education. ... Beachy said. Compared to his first years of practice, conversations about high-value care are less surprising to today's learners.
November 2019

They'll be back

A diagnosis of major depression should lead to treatment. “If you identify a problem and you don't have any treatment to offer, then what have you done for your patient?”
October 2010

The capacity to determine capacity

Knowing that a quarter of your patients are potentially lacking medical decision-making capacity is a really important piece of information.”. ... Maybe the patient is terrified and nobody's asked, ‘What are your concerns?’” said Dr.
December 2011

Break the fracture cycle

It usually took six or seven phone calls to nag people to get out and have your bone density done.”. ... When you come back for your first orthopedic follow-up, that's an outpatient visit,” she said.
September 2011

Hone in on patients without a home

We need to say, ‘You're sleeping over because you have an infection in your lungs, not because of your legs. ... Your legs brought you here. But you're staying because of your lungs.’”.
August 2010

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