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Want to know why a patient's readmitted? Ask him.

Maybe they interview the home health nurse who decided to send the patient back to the emergency room that day, or the doctor in the office practice,” said Dr. ... These cross-continuum teams are another requirement of the STAAR program. “The
April 2011

Glutted with guidelines?

The decision, as with many in clinical practice, is up to the physician. ... Jacobi. They can set a path for organizing your practice more efficiently and provide some processes to measure.
May 2013

Assisted suicide

ACP officially opposes legalization, saying the practice can undermine patient trust and distract from ongoing efforts to improve end-of-life care. ... But the College doesn't support the practice.”. He described one of his patients, a man terminally
September 2010

A matter of respect

Disruptive behavior is common in U.S. hospitals, according to a recent survey.
April 2010

Lab oversight important even for waived testing

What we say to some of the primary care physicians that we talk to is “What would your practice be like if you didn't have a laboratory?” And that all ... If waived testing begins to be regulated, what could be the impact on a primary care
January 2014

Hospitals fight back against violence

Do be aware of your surroundings. Plan an escape path in the event that a situation does escalate into violence. ... It is OK to leave the room and disengage if you feel that your interaction is not producing a positive outcome.
December 2017

How trustworthy is automated noninvasive blood pressure monitoring?

The process of holding your patient's arm close to your side with your elbow, placing the cuff, pumping it up, and deflating it while listening to the brachial artery with ... your stethoscope adds an intimacy to the physical exam and a way of slowing
October 2009

Letter from the Editor

For example, what's the ideal ratio of midlevels to hospitalists? Will your midlevels function more or less independently, or will they be part of a team? ... In our cover story on page 8, Senior Writer Jessica Berthold looks at these and other issues to
April 2009

The capacity to determine capacity

Knowing that a quarter of your patients are potentially lacking medical decision-making capacity is a really important piece of information.”. ... Maybe the patient is terrified and nobody's asked, ‘What are your concerns?’” said Dr.
December 2011

Hone in on patients without a home

We need to say, ‘You're sleeping over because you have an infection in your lungs, not because of your legs. ... Your legs brought you here. But you're staying because of your lungs.’”.
August 2010

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