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Is it peripheral neuropathy?

England JD, Gronseth GS, Franklin G, et al. Practice parameter: evaluation of distal symmetric polyneuropathy: role of laboratory and genetic testing (an evidence-based review).
November 2010

Peers swap ideas and tips in new online forum for health care innovations

Let's say you're having trouble keeping the glucose levels of your hospitalized patients under control, or with appointment scheduling at your practice. ... Let's say you are having trouble getting your hypertensive patients to lower their blood pressure
July 2008

Yes, sickle cell is a pain

Feldman. The education includes both resident training and resources for physicians already in practice, including CME events, webinars (which are available online to physicians outside of the area) and community forums. ... You don't have to go it alone,
April 2013

A deviant approach to hospital challenges

The strategies for combating MRSA—strict hand hygiene, barrier methods on all colonized and infected patients, and active surveillance cultures—are well known, and yet the educational campaigns and best practice ... So how can your hospital use
November 2009

Under the same umbrella

Brown said. “You get credit for something for your entire residency that, then when you're actually out in the practice community, would be [more widely] considered somewhat deleterious to the ... The advice would be: Embrace this. It'll make your life,
November 2016

Career advice on mentors, interviews, and contracts

your program director and ask about you,” especially if you're a new or recent graduate, Dr. ... What you should highlight are things about your practice setting.[and] your involvement in quality improvement, committees, and research.”.
May 2016

Dictation, done better

Make sure your microphone is positioned correctly, as this is a simple way to improve accuracy. ... Exercise care when dictating medications, allergies, or parts of the physical exam, particularly when it relates to your medical decision making for the
November 2016

Hospitalists outside the hospital

When the doctor later decided to devote all his time to his own practice, Dr. ... Doctoroff said. For hospitalists, the care parallels their inpatient practice to some extent, in that they treat a series of patients with complex medical issues, some of
December 2011

Lab oversight important even for waived testing

What we say to some of the primary care physicians that we talk to is “What would your practice be like if you didn't have a laboratory?” And that all ... If waived testing begins to be regulated, what could be the impact on a primary care
January 2014

Hospitals fight back against violence

Do be aware of your surroundings. Plan an escape path in the event that a situation does escalate into violence. ... It is OK to leave the room and disengage if you feel that your interaction is not producing a positive outcome.
December 2017

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