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C. diff and Hospital Medicine 2017

Staff writer Mollie Durkin and I attended the conference and brought back expert advice to improve your practice. ... This month's Q&A looks at an updated way to make sure your practice (and especially your teaching) is in line with recommendations on
July 2017

Meet Our 2019 Top Hospitalists

in areas of hospitalist practice such as patient care, quality improvement, and medical education. ... Beachy said. Compared to his first years of practice, conversations about high-value care are less surprising to today's learners.
November 2019

Under the same umbrella

Brown said. “You get credit for something for your entire residency that, then when you're actually out in the practice community, would be [more widely] considered somewhat deleterious to the ... The advice would be: Embrace this. It'll make your life,
November 2016

The capacity to determine capacity

Knowing that a quarter of your patients are potentially lacking medical decision-making capacity is a really important piece of information.”. ... Maybe the patient is terrified and nobody's asked, ‘What are your concerns?’” said Dr.
December 2011

They'll be back

A diagnosis of major depression should lead to treatment. “If you identify a problem and you don't have any treatment to offer, then what have you done for your patient?”
October 2010

Hospitals fight back against violence

Do be aware of your surroundings. Plan an escape path in the event that a situation does escalate into violence. ... It is OK to leave the room and disengage if you feel that your interaction is not producing a positive outcome.
December 2017

A deviant approach to hospital challenges

The strategies for combating MRSA—strict hand hygiene, barrier methods on all colonized and infected patients, and active surveillance cultures—are well known, and yet the educational campaigns and best practice ... So how can your hospital use
November 2009

IV drug shortages present challenges, opportunities

Most drug shortages tend to affect one clinical discipline or another, but this one is different, said Michael Ganio, PharmD, MS, director of pharmacy practice and quality for ASHP.
September 2018

Computers teaching patients

After she teaches the medication, she'll say, ‘OK, can you tell me how you're going to take your lisinopril?” said Dr. ... When we were developing the programs and the user interface, we said it had to be as easy as using your television remote
March 2011


YOUR PRACTICE. 22 ACPHOSPITALIST January 2011. Patient Healthcare Matrix: Care of Patient with….AIMS. ... depends on us?). Improvement. PRACTICE-BASED LEARNING AND. IMPROVEMENT12(What have we learned?What will we improve?).
January 2011

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