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Tool for PE, heart failure drugs

The study authors noted that the effect of sacubitril-valsartan on NT-proBNP was accompanied by a reduction in high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T and that an exploratory analysis showed a
May 2019

Cases from Yale-New Haven Hospital

Repeat EKG showed no dynamic changes. Three negative troponin T values (Roche high-sensitivity assay) were obtained over the subsequent 24 hours. ... Cardiac-specific, high-sensitivity troponin has been demonstrated as the principal predictor of early
November 2012

Biomarkers effective for diagnosing cardiac cause of syncope in ED patients

B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP), N-terminal proBNP, and high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T and I provided better prognostic accuracy that some commonly used scoring systems, a prospective study found. ... Measuring B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP),
March 2019

Myopericarditis: A clinical review

a subsequent troponin level of 4.85 mg/dL at 10:10 a.m. ... Cardiac enzymes (CK-MB fraction or troponin I or T) may be elevated in myopericarditis.
September 2015

New pathway may rule out more patients, miss fewer MIs than guideline-approved pathway

Researchers compared the safety and efficacy of the European Society of Cardiology rule-out pathway and the new pathway, which incorporates lower cardiac troponin concentrations. ... Researchers compared the safety and efficacy of the ESC rule-out
January 2017

In the News

A novel 1-hour algorithm to rule in or rule out acute myocardial infarction (MI) by incorporating high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T baseline values and changes may have substantially accelerated management, ... They had high-sensitivity cardiac
July 2015

Journal watch: recent studies of note

They were also more likely to have an elevated troponin level, abnormal PCO2, higher mean or systolic pulmonary arterial pressure and/or cardiomegaly.
January 2009

Amyloidosis: A review for the hospitalist

A basic tool, the electrocardiogram, is one of the most important tests in the workup of amyloidosis, and with the increasing utility of serum cardiac markers, like troponins and N-terminal ... Blood. 2003;101:827-30. [PMID: 12393530]. ). Multiple
December 2015

MKSAP primer: Heart failure

Currently, the utility of other cardiac biomarkers, such as troponin, for the diagnosis of heart failure is limited to evaluating for other conditions, such as acute coronary syndrome or myocardial infarction,
November 2007

Test yourself: Sepsis

In these cases, alternative sedative agents should be considered immediately and monitoring of the plasma levels of troponin I, creatine kinase, and myoglobin should be undertaken.
August 2008

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