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Individual case: Cardiac tamponade and acute liver failure

There was no rise in serum troponin level. During hospitalization at the outside facility, physical exam was notable for new progressive deterioration in his mental status, development of new peripheral edema,
January 2019

A collection of individual cases

There was no asymmetry, edema, or rash on his extremities. Laboratory tests showed leukocytosis, mild elevation of aminotransferase levels, and a troponin I level of 3.05 ng/mL (reference range,
September 2019

The ABCs of DRGs

Also keep in mind that troponin levels are often chronically elevated in chronic kidney disease without any myocardial injury present. ... The terms chronic myocardial injury, demand ischemia, and “non-MI troponin elevation” are problematic.
May 2019

MKSAP quiz on end-of-life care

Serum troponin level is elevated. Electrocardiogram displays a sinus rhythm at 70/min, T-wave inversion in leads V. ... The TIMI risk score is 4 (age >65 years, elevated troponin level on presentation, aspirin use, and two angina episodes in the last 24
December 2013

ACC and AHA update performance measures for STEMI and NSTEMI

early cardiac troponin measurement (within six hours of arrival), and. participation in a regional or national acute MI registry.
September 2017

The little brown bottle

His resting EKG suggested an old inferior wall infarct and his troponins were normal.
December 2015

BNP predicts mortality, even in patients without heart failure

They cautioned that as an observational analysis, the study is susceptible to residual confounding, and that other potentially predictive factors, such as C-reactive protein and troponin, were not compared to
May 2018

Test yourself: Heart failure

9. /L), platelet count 158,000/µL (158 10. 9. /L), creatinine 0.9 mg/dL (68.7 µmol/L) and troponin 5 ng/mL (5 µg/L). ... Correct answer: B. Captopril and carvedilol. This patient has acute myocarditis, manifesting with flu-like systemic symptoms,
August 2010

Overdose outcomes, chest pain triage, and more

The trial included 400 consecutive patients without known coronary artery disease and a negative initial serum troponin level. ... The study hospital did not have access to high-sensitivity troponin testing, which would have reduced the number of
October 2018

New drug for acute heart failure failed to improve inpatient symptoms or long-term mortality

The ularitide group did have greater reductions in systolic blood pressure and N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide, but no significant difference in changes in cardiac troponin T levels.
April 2017

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