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Individual case: Cardiac tamponade and acute liver failure

There was no rise in serum troponin level. During hospitalization at the outside facility, physical exam was notable for new progressive deterioration in his mental status, development of new peripheral edema,
January 2019


new regional wall motion abnormality.For patients with normal baseline troponin after percutaneous. ... coronary intervention (PCI), troponin elevation greater than threetimes the upper reference limit defines PCI-related MI.
July 2009


All hospitals measured cardiac troponin with both the contemporary assay and the hs-cTnI assay simultaneously throughout the trial. ... Three study authors received honoraria from Abbott Laboratories, which also provided cardiac troponin assay reagents,
October 2019

Linking severe sepsis and hyperlactatemia

Detection of a rise and/or fall of cardiac biomarker values [preferably cardiac troponin (cTn)] with at least one value above the 99. ... which case troponin above the 99th percentile actually indicates MI.
June 2018

Cases from the University of Texas at Austin

Following admission, the patient's chest pain persisted and her subsequent troponin level was elevated at 40.62 ng/mL. ... Laboratory testing was unremarkable, including a troponin I level of 0.06 ng/mL.
May 2016

A collection of individual cases

There was no asymmetry, edema, or rash on his extremities. Laboratory tests showed leukocytosis, mild elevation of aminotransferase levels, and a troponin I level of 3.05 ng/mL (reference range,
September 2019

New antibiotic, report on drug shortages

Since first communicating about this issue in 2017, the FDA has continued to receive adverse event reports related to biotin interference, including with troponin tests.
January 2020

Recent Research

I plus advanced coronary artery disease (CAD) assessment with CTA versus conventional troponin and traditional CAD assessment. ... ACS was diagnosed in 10.6%. All patients had normal levels of conventional troponin at ED presentation.
December 2015

AHA scientific statement addresses myocardial infarction in the absence of obstructive coronary artery disease

The statement authors proposed a diagnostic algorithm in which patients being evaluated for a suspected acute MI should have the following excluded: clinically overt causes of an elevated troponin level, such ... The statement authors noted that use of
April 2019

Cautions about mixing HIV, HCV drugs

Photo by Thinkstock. A recall of Roche Diagnostics Operations Elecsys Troponin I and Elecsys Troponin I STAT immunoassays because they may provide a falsely low result and incorrect results may cause
July 2012

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