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COVID-19 in community hospitals

including staffing, surge planning, and resource allocation,” said Colleen O’Connor, MD, hospitalist lead at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, Pa. ... Backup staffing arrangements, including requests to clinicians who don't usually see patients
April 2020

Endovascular therapy may herald a new era in stroke care

Successful treatment requires 24-hour staffing with specialists and neuro-interventionists and the infrastructure to continuously evaluate these patients,” said Tudor Jovin, MD, associate professor of neurology and neurosurgery, director of
June 2015

Disaster preparedness

For example, an indicator could be ED wait time. If wait time exceeds a certain number of hours, that would be the trigger for response tactics such as increased staffing to
February 2014

Letter to the Editor

However, there are ways to guard against deterioration in care at these times, experts say, including establishing protocols, having guidelines on when to call a subspecialist, and using creative staffing and
July 2014

Shifting views on shiftwork

In an effort to improve the safety of those handoffs and provide a little more consistency in staffing, UPMC developed a two-part experimental intervention.
February 2013

Digital tools help patients find their way

Knowing peak traffic times in key areas, such as the cafeteria, and where people congregate also helps us with staffing appropriately and locating additional services, like wheelchairs or parking attendants.”.
May 2017

Letter to the Editor

Hospitalists as a group are growing professionally. Each hospital and health care system needs to evaluate its staffing issues individually, including lifestyle accommodations, as the profession and health care both change.
November 2011

Not a time for modesty

cost savings, staffing and clinical quality.
October 2009

Do you know this surgeon?

to Billie Wickstrom, a spokesperson for, a staffing agency based in suburban Atlanta.
August 2009

Predicting mortality

Cowen. Higher-risk patients could also be given more individualized attention. “We think it has implications on physician staffing.
July 2013

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