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Hospitalists outside the hospital

Physician staffing changed in the spring of 2010, with a primary care physician assuming coverage a half day each week because there weren't enough hospitalists to staff the clinic.
December 2011

Hospitals fight back against violence

Hospitals spent an estimated $1.1 billion in security and training costs to prevent violence within their facilities, plus $429 million in medical care, staffing, indemnity, and other costs resulting from
December 2017

Too many or too few: Who belongs in the ICU?

Zimmerman. “Sometimes it means just an up-training and sometimes some increased staffing on a floor. ... Kahn. With their high technology and staffing, ICUs are expensive to run, and most of the cost is fixed.
February 2013

Seven on/seven off: Readers respond

In specialties that require 24/7 in-house coverage such as hospital medicine, emergency medicine, and anesthesia, the issue of staffing models is important. ... This necessitates some form of shift-work staffing. A “watching the clock” mentality is
July 2011

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

The authors concluded that weekend ICU admission was linked to 8% higher mortality rates with sampling variability of 4% to 13%, likely related to changes in organizational/staffing structure of ICUs
January 2011

Giving hospitalists their space

Dr. Apple hopes to address this issue by getting all 33 beds under the hospitalist service and staffing it with two doctors at a time.
February 2009

Post-hospital syndrome

about staffing and teamwork in the hospitals.”.
March 2013

In the News

Staffing issues are also a matter of concern. Some communities are attempting to take the pressure off hospitals by encouraging patients to seek out other providers for nonemergent care in a ... staffing issues must be addressed.
August 2008

Young hospitalists choosing locum tenens

At the end of the day, adequate staffing levels of physicians and advanced practitioners are critical to quality patient outcomes and patient satisfaction scores,” said Mr.
February 2017

Top Docs

One conference reviewed a particular sentinel event where a root-cause analysis suggested that changes needed to be made in overnight supervision and staffing. ... With these findings in hand, the service in July bumped up its nighttime staffing from
November 2016

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