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Perfecting post-acute care

It also contains details on level of staffing and quality indicators, such as percentage of residents with pressure ulcers.
April 2016

Septic shock, C. diff, and more

difficile infection],” they said, noting variations in staffing, policies, practices, and procedures during different stages of occupancy.
January 2019

Succeeding as a new hospitalist

Z,” often including performing procedures and staffing the ICU.
July 2012

How academic hospitalists can manage workload

The tool accounts for volume, turnover, and acuity and uses historical data on these measures to predict workload and staffing needs throughout the day. ... So we have far more robust staffing on Saturday and Sunday during the day than we did in the past
June 2016

Getting rid of unnecessary alarms

Most of the monitoring that's occurring right now is occurring actually outside ICU settings, where the staffing ratios are 1-to-5 and 1-to-6 patients,” Ms.
February 2015

Ideal patient-to-intensivist ratio varies in U.K. ICUs

However, they concluded that based on their findings and the fact that intensivists are often in short supply, intensivist staffing models should be designed with caution. ... Addressing these issues in this larger context will allow for evidence-based
February 2017

Debriefs help make sense of adverse events

We deployed the badges in areas where staffing was not as optimal as it could be on, say, the night shift or some of the remote labs,” Ms.
May 2016

Endovascular therapy may herald a new era in stroke care

Successful treatment requires 24-hour staffing with specialists and neuro-interventionists and the infrastructure to continuously evaluate these patients,” said Tudor Jovin, MD, associate professor of neurology and neurosurgery, director of
June 2015

Taking charge after discharge

If you start initiatives in the hospital…it requires additional staffing.”. The hospital hopes to eventually expand its own post-discharge offerings, but currently, an outside service is the best fit,
January 2013

Improving Indian Health Service hospitals

The remote, rural, and distant locations, limited funding, outdated or missing equipment, and chronic staffing vacancies make medical care in the IHS system particularly challenging,” he said. ... facilities with staffing shortages, said Dorothy
April 2017

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