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Intubation after in-hospital cardiac arrest not associated with benefit, study finds

This is hardly a ringing endorsement for such an established intervention that requires substantial cost to provide, considering both the training and staffing costs and the downstream costs of mechanical ventilation
February 2017

Corticosteroids for CAP, weekend effect, and more

The primary outcome was all-cause mortality for weekends versus weekdays. Subgroup analyses examined staffing levels, rates and times to procedures, and illness severity. ... In subgroup analyses, mortality rates were consistently higher for weekend
December 2017

Periop anticoagulation in afib, patient-to-intensivist ratios, and more

Researchers used data from a national case-mix program as well as data from staffing surveys to perform a retrospective cohort analysis of patients 16 years of age and older who ... However, they concluded that based on their findings and the fact that
May 2017

In the News

Reducing vital signs monitoring could reduce nurse staffing needs and save money, and/or enable reallocation of resources to increase monitoring of high-risk patients, they wrote.
October 2013

A code for improving transitions of care

It may also be the community-based physician doesn't have the staffing or workflow to actually do that follow-up in a short turn-around time.
November 2018

Recent Research

The authors also drew attention to the finding that physician staffing models were not predictive of outcomes, concluding β€œit is not the on-site presence of an intensivist that drives better
September 2014

Care transitions, hypertension, and more

Health systems implementing bridging interventions may need to increase navigator staffing or expand navigator reach with virtual technology,” the authors said.
February 2019

ACEing geriatric care

In addition to correcting those physical issues, ACE units can also differ in their staffing and approach to care. ... They also require dedicated, specialized staffing. They also have a limit to the number of patients they can serve.”.
February 2011

Septic shock, C. diff, and more

difficile infection],” they said, noting variations in staffing, policies, practices, and procedures during different stages of occupancy.
January 2019

Weekend ICU admissions may be associated with higher mortality rates

001). The authors concluded that weekend ICU admission was linked to 8% higher mortality rates with sampling variability of 4% to 13%, likely related to changes in organizational/staffing structure of
July 2010

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