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Disaster preparedness

For example, an indicator could be ED wait time. If wait time exceeds a certain number of hours, that would be the trigger for response tactics such as increased staffing to
February 2014

Telemedicine reduced mortality, LOS in ICUs

They concluded that tele-ICUs can provide benefits even to hospitals that already have daytime intensivist staffing and active quality improvement efforts.
May 2011

ACEing geriatric care

In addition to correcting those physical issues, ACE units can also differ in their staffing and approach to care. ... They also require dedicated, specialized staffing. They also have a limit to the number of patients they can serve.”.
February 2011

Digital tools help patients find their way

Knowing peak traffic times in key areas, such as the cafeteria, and where people congregate also helps us with staffing appropriately and locating additional services, like wheelchairs or parking attendants.”.
May 2017

Working overtime

Hospitalists have come to view moonlighting as a basic job benefit, while hospitals count on having an internal pool of moonlighters to handle daily fluctuations in staffing.
April 2015

Weekend ICU admissions may be associated with higher mortality rates

001). The authors concluded that weekend ICU admission was linked to 8% higher mortality rates with sampling variability of 4% to 13%, likely related to changes in organizational/staffing structure of
July 2010

Minneapolis bridge collapse tested local hospitals' emergency plans

The center is where decisions regarding staffing, supplies and disposition of patients are made.
November 2007

About 15% of unplanned ICU transfers tied to preventable errors

suggesting that differences in staffing or the availability of services didn't contribute to unplanned transfers, the authors wrote.
December 2010

Caring is hard work

It's short-staffing or physicians that are overworked,” said Ms. Alvarez. Dr.
May 2012

Prep for periop

You have to think about your local environment. Do you have the staffing and familiarity and experience so that the PCA will work?” Dr.
January 2013

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