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Under the same umbrella

One potential benefit of integrated staffing is improved ED throughput. “When both groups are aligned from a management perspective, there's an opportunity to codify the expectation of each group and ... Regularly scheduled joint meetings and social
November 2016

“Bad” medicine

“So, doc, am I gonna die?”.
November 2015

More than a mentor

A good coach can provide needed perspective and guidance. ... A good coach can provide needed perspective and guidance to younger physicians struggling with career choices.
January 2010

Duration not always definitive in convulsive status epilepticus

The survey also uncovered an interesting perspective regarding syndromic management of status epilepticus, he noted.
April 2016

LTAC use, med adherence after MI, and more

From a clinical perspective, LTACs do offer benefits to patients such as daily physician care and better nurse-to-patient ratios, but they also carry risks such as higher hospital-acquired
September 2018

The House of God revisited

One should try to keep a healthy perspective. When I'm a patient, I'd rather not be “the hip fracture with the UTI in 219a;” I'd prefer to maintain ... 3. Stay calm in emergencies. 4. Maintain your perspective. 5. Refer patients to social services
October 2008

Fixing EHRs

Dr. Schiff described the conflicted perspective of some physicians. “On one hand, you don't want Big Brother to tell you what to do.
May 2017

Physicians step up as initiatives change nursing home care

Dr. Magnuson also stressed that legislators need to hear physicians' perspectives on nursing home care.
March 2015

Debates over sepsis and immigration

They clarified the main disagreements in the field, which include the optimal use of antibiotics and IV fluids, and offered their perspectives on policy and predictions for practice.
January 2019

Predicting a bright future for women in hospital medicine

Dana Tiganu, MD, brings a fresh perspective to the field.
August 2009

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