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Pinpoint PE in high-risk patients with syncope

Dressler aimed to provide some perspective. “Is the percentage of patients who come in with syncope, who are admitted to the hospital, who have a PE, 17%?
December 2018

From ACP Hospitalist

Our latest group of Top Hospitalists is profiled in the November issue, which also includes conference coverage from the Heart Failure Society of America's annual meeting.
November 2019

Khat use in the U.S.

A public health perspective.
August 2008

It takes a community

This gives hospitalists a better perspective on the full scope of a patient's problems, said Eric Kupersmith, ACP Member, head of the division of hospital medicine at Cooper University Hospital.
May 2010

Perfecting post-acute care

Greysen and Allen Detsky, MD, PhD, in a perspective in the October 2015 Journal of Hospital Medicine.
April 2016

Treatment of ascites in patients with portal hypertension

Lancet. 1991;337:776-8. [PMID: 1706450]. ,. 66. Solà; E, Ginés P. Renal and circulatory dysfunction in cirrhosis: current management and future perspectives. ... 6. Solà; E, Ginés P. Renal and circulatory dysfunction in cirrhosis: current management
February 2014

Succeeding as a new hospitalist

Go on rounds with someone. By getting informal perspectives from staff hospitalists and observing interactions within the hospital, you can learn a lot about how they are valued by the hospital,”
July 2012

From Mayo to McCord: A student's view

Since leaving McCord, I have tried to put my experiences there into perspective.
August 2009

Fight the noise

To put those numbers in perspective, a vacuum cleaner is between 70 to 80 dB, a normal voice is between 50 to 60 dB and a quiet library is around 30
November 2009

Intra-arterial therapy for stroke cost effective in modeling study

This suggests that even costly investments in the capital needed to support [intra-arterial treatment] systems of care (eg, telemedicine, transport networks) may also be good investments from a societal perspective,” ... From a societal perspective, we
June 2015

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