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Where does the day go?

From a patient perspective, it doesn't seem like much time to spend with the doctor that's coordinating all of your care.
August 2013

Diagnostic documentation for oncology patients

3. For anemia, from a clinical perspective, any result below the lower limit of normal for hemoglobin (Hbg)/hematocrit (Hct) is significant.
April 2014

Council of Young Physicians now recruiting

The CYP is responsible for planning programs for the annual meeting for young physicians and providing a young physician perspective on current issues impacting the field of internal medicine.
November 2010

Antibiotics may carry more cost than benefit for patients at end of life

Experts offer advice on discussing and deciding when to use or avoid.
February 2016

Letter from the Editor

Our story gathers evidence and expert perspectives on how to possibly prevent this common complication of illness and treatment.
December 2015

Projecting the future of inpatient dementia

further analysis, and a perspective on how hospitalists fit into this picture, ACP Hospitalist recently spoke to lead author Marya D.
April 2012

‘Gentlemen, this is no humbug’: A history of anesthesia

If the history of anesthesia is the story of trying to manage pain, then it is indeed a long one.
March 2015

New research links empathy to patient outcomes

Hojat and colleagues suggests that empathy in the context of patient care includes three underlying components: perspective taking, compassionate care, and walking in the patient's shoes. ... language as important as verbal communication in
March 2013

Changes afoot at physician-owned specialty hospitals

Birkmeyer added. “A bigger issue than the redistribution of patients from community to specialty hospitals, from the perspective of society, is how the opening of specialty hospitals is changing the threshold
August 2007

Functional quadriplegia

From a coding perspective, physical quadriplegia and functional quadriplegia are both considered major, significant, complicating or comorbid conditions that contribute substantially to the severity of illness, complexity of care and hospital
May 2012

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