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Thrombolysis seems safe in patients with preexisting disability

More than one third of patients with prestroke mRS of 3 to 5 [are] capable of returning to their prestroke functional status, which from the patient's and carer's perspective
February 2014

Problems and potential with probiotics

To give some perspective, we use heparin for [deep venous thrombosis] prophylaxis routinely.
December 2017

Duration not always definitive in convulsive status epilepticus

The survey also uncovered an interesting perspective regarding syndromic management of status epilepticus, he noted.
April 2016

Teaming up to fight superbugs

Bland said. “We don't tell doctors what to do, but we say, ‘From an infectious disease perspective, this is something you should think about.’” While her hospital's stewardship efforts
January 2009

Take note

The issue: Improving patient-physician communication. During medical school, Aaron S. Farberg, MD, took a class that changed his perspective on communication between physicians and patients.
January 2014

From ACP Hospitalist

Our latest group of Top Hospitalists is profiled in the November issue, which also includes conference coverage from the Heart Failure Society of America's annual meeting.
November 2019

Recent Research

The authors of an accompanying editorial said that this study, along with previous work, offers data to better inform clinicians' perspectives of critical illness outcomes in elderly patients and, in turn,
December 2019

How to be successful at early discharges

Also, the hospitalist must communicate with any consultants on the case the night before to make sure that they clear the patient to be discharged from their perspective.
November 2019

‘Digitally native’ learners and physician evaluation

At the heart of these divergent experiences and perspectives, however, lies a common question: What should physicians be responsible for knowing? ... In academic centers, we often praise doctors who can offer historical perspectives, molecular
March 2015

In praise of doing research

An Irish intern recalls the thrill of presenting at his first big U.S. scientific meeting.
September 2013

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