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Inpatient medicine services see wide variety of conditions in similar pattern across hospitals

At seven hospitals in Toronto, the most common primary discharge diagnoses were heart failure, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and stroke.

Peripheral IV catheter failure rates similar, regardless of dressing or securement device

Adult patients who were expected to require a peripheral IV catheter for at least 24 hours were randomized to receive tissue adhesive with polyurethane dressing, bordered polyurethane dressing, a securement device with polyurethane dressing, or the control method, polyurethane dressing.

New algorithm may help guide empiric therapy for patients with any type of pneumonia

The algorithm classified patients into four groups based on severity of illness (i.e., need for mechanical ventilation or ICU admission) and the presence of other risk factors for multidrug-resistant pathogens.

Transitional care management yields benefit but is used rarely, study finds

An analysis of Medicare fee-for-service claims concluded that transitional care management is a promising delivery model innovation, while an editorial cautioned that payments may not be high enough to justify the extra work involved or may be targeted to the wrong place in the health care system.

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