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Test yourself: Pulmonary artery catheterization

On a six-minute walk test, oxygen saturation at rest and after exercise is 98% and 93%, respectively. ... Which diagnostic test would be most useful in diagnosing the cause of the patient's volume status?
February 2010

Test yourself: Invasive procedures and complications

These cases and commentary, which address invasive procedures and complications, are excerpted from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP15).
February 2011

Test yourself: Mental health

Mental health.
September 2008

Test yourself: Preoperative evaluation

The INR, PT, PTT and bleeding test are not indicated in this patient. ... Abnormal test results often are ignored by clinicians or prove to be false-positive results.
October 2007

MKSAP quiz on EEG

The patient is administered empiric therapy with dexamethasone, vancomycin, ceftriaxone, ampicillin, and acyclovir pending additional test results. ... Results of standard laboratory studies are normal. Which of the following is the most appropriate next
June 2016

MKSAP quiz on acute kidney injury

A stool test is positive for occult blood. An abdominal ultrasound reveals thickening and edema of the ileum.
December 2015

MKSAP quiz on cardiac biomarkers

antinuclear antibody test negative and thyroid-stimulating hormone 3 µU/mL (3 mU/L). ... Contrast-enhanced chest CT would normally be an acceptable test for further investigation of a suspected acute aortic syndrome.
July 2012

Test yourself: Anticoagulant therapy

A pregnancy test is positive. She takes 4 mg of warfarin daily to maintain her INR between 2 and 3. ... Although a lupus anticoagulant was detected on initial presentation, the test was not repeated at one month when he was still receiving warfarin
May 2007

MKSAP quiz on diabetes

The base of the ulcer is necrotic and malodorous; a probe-to-bone test is negative.
December 2019

Delirium, treating drug resistance, fall prevention

She successfully performed a Get Up and Go test in 10 seconds. ... test in less than 20 seconds, again making this choice less compelling than stopping her lorazepam.
January 2009

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