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MKSAP quiz on HIV

A vesicular rash is shown. Which of the following is the most appropriate test to perform next? ... This test combines an immunoassay for HIV antibody with a test for HIV p24 antigen.
April 2019

Pregnancy, food, and more

Spoiler alert: Solutions include closer collaboration with relevant specialists! And see this month's Test Yourself for related questions from MKSAP 18.
October 2019

MKSAP quiz on venous thromboembolism

Patient cases involving recurrent venous thrombophlebitis, post-discharge care for pulmonary embolism, and more.
December 2014

Test yourself: Health care-associated infections

Health care-associated infections.
April 2008

MKSAP quiz on antibiotics

These cases and commentary, which address antibiotics, are excerpted from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP16).
July 2013

MKSAP quiz on stroke

These cases and commentary, which address stroke, are excerpted from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP15).
October 2012

MKSAP Quiz: High-value, cost-conscious care

Neither an MRI nor CT of the leg has been substantially validated as a reliable diagnostic test for DVT. ... However, this test has poor sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility, and it is not indicated in most patients with suspected vasovagal
January 2012

MKSAP quiz on atrial fibrillation

Adrenal insufficiency alone is an unlikely explanation for this patient's laboratory test results and clinical presentation. ... The mechanisms by which nonthyroidal illness cause thyroid function test abnormalities are unknown but could relate to the
June 2015

Acute renal failure

A 62-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular disease and chronic kidney disease develops nonoliguric acute renal failure after a left femoral—popliteal bypass... and other cases.
March 2007

MKSAP: Hematology/oncology

antiglobulin, positive for IgG (Coombs test); and ABO/Rh blood type, A positive. ... antiglobulin (Coombs) test results and the peripheral blood smear showing microspherocytes.
November 2009

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