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Critical care for COVID-19

In additional recommendations, the guidelines address neuromuscular blocking agents, nitric oxide, pulmonary vasodilators, lung recruitment maneuvers, and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.
April 2020

Hospitalist issues take hold at Board of Governors meeting

From boosting recruitment to managing infections, hospitalist issues were well represented during the Board of Governors' April business meeting at Internal Medicine 2007 in San Diego.
June 2007

Demystifying advanced concepts in mechanical ventilation

Likewise, if the applied PEEP is below the lower inflection point, lung recruitment is suboptimal. ... Recruitment potential of the lung is thus important, as is the appropriate selection of PEEP.
June 2020

No signouts? No problem

changes. Q: How did this scheduling system come into being? This model has not hindered our recruitment, even with younger physicians. ... But to my surprise, this model really has not hindered our recruitment, even with younger physicians.
May 2008

Mobilization after stroke: Is sooner better?

Recruitment will continue through 2012, they said, so those results aren't likely to appear soon.
October 2012

Tips to creating a successful hospitalist program

New hospitalist programs are being developed rapidly; 2,000 programs in the 10 years since the concept was born.
March 2007

MoCA beats MMSE for detecting hypertension-associated cognitive impairment after minor stroke, TIA

In addition, patients measured their blood pressures at home from the time of recruitment until one month after, or until their blood pressure was under control.
October 2014

ICU admission may not reduce mortality at 6 months in critically ill elderly patients

The recruitment period for the standard practice group was longer than that for the systematic strategy group, and blinding to group assignment was not possible, the authors noted. ... They also pointed out that data on withdrawal of life-sustaining
October 2017

Job hunting in a down economy

Smith said. “I think the industry will really shift its focus more to retention than recruitment in the next five years.”. ... Family practice doctors are now welcome as long as they are qualified, which is something we didn't see in the history of
May 2009

High-frequency oscillatory ventilation may increase death in ARDS patients

Both strategies targeted lung recruitment; the control strategy used low tidal volumes and high positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) toward this aim.
January 2013

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