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Frail elderly, Enterobacteriaceae infections, and more

The recruitment period for the standard practice group was longer than that for the systematic strategy group, and blinding to group assignment was not possible, the authors noted. ... They also pointed out that data on withdrawal of life-sustaining
March 2018

Recent Research

Results appeared in the July 25 Archives of Internal Medicine. The authors noted recruitment and retention challenges evident in their approximately 55% acceptance and 75% attrition rate among patients who agreed
December 2011

Top Docs

The hospital's transition to hiring hospitalists was rocky, Dr. Bohnenblust recalled, so he took over the recruitment process.
November 2008

Baking hospitalist training into residency

Sundar noted. “Also, when we started it, we thought we could use this as a recruitment tool if anybody comes and does the elective and loves our hospital and wants to
August 2018

Recent Research

Both strategies targeted lung recruitment; the control strategy used low tidal volumes and high positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) toward this aim.
April 2013

Researcher aims to assess beta-blocker use in patients with pacemakers

What are you doing to expand your recruitment efforts? A: We obviously would like to reach a wide spectrum of patients.
August 2008

It's not an admission, it's an experience

Although there is not yet any hard data, the long menu of perks is expected to help with the challenges of recruitment and retention.
February 2008

Physicians of the night

program. The problem was recruitment. “Even with a significant salary differential, there was no interest from anybody,” Dr.
December 2008

When hiring midlevels, proceed with caution

They see the heart surgeons and orthopods adding NPs and think ‘we should do that, too—it's cost-effective, it casts a wider net for recruitment.’ And it is a
April 2009


The air pressure in the airway atthe end of exhalation is equal to the external air pressure of themachine, and this helps “splint” the airway open, allowing betteroxygenation and airway recruitment.
September 2010

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