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Precourse provides pneumonia pearls

Michael S. Niederman, MD, MACP, led off his talk “Pneumonia in the Critically Ill Patient” with recent research about cardiac risks. ... Younger, healthier ICU patients with conditions such as recent trauma or surgery may develop augmented renal
April 2018

Top Hospitalists

Although group buy-in was key to the initiative's success, recent research suggests that culture change may require less buy-in than previously thought, said Dr. ... Skandhan. “Previously, they used to say 35% of people have to be bought in for a new
November 2018

Studies on infectious diseases, neurology, and more

However, other research has shown additional ways in which isolation precautions negatively impact care, including psychological effects, fewer contacts with clinicians, and greater inpatient deconditioning. ... However, the lack of benefit in patients
March 2017

Postoperative function, hip fracture, and more

It included only patients with MMSE scores of 24 or higher, so further research would be required in patients with mild cognitive impairment. ... most distressing finding,” since previous research has shown that hip fracture in advanced dementia is
October 2018

Complicated UTI, stress ulcer prophylaxis, and more

The authors also called for research to determine whether Aβ40 could be a therapeutic target to prevent ACS or improve outcomes after it has occurred. ... hemorrhage with combination antiplatelet therapy than with aspirin alone, according to a recent
November 2018

Studies on bedside lung ultrasound, preoperative frailty screening, and more

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly. Lung ultrasound performed at the bedside may be useful for diagnosing pneumonia, according to a recent study. ... a recent observational study.
May 2017

Put a number on it: Rating patient acuity

Aware of recent research showing that increased handoffs can lead to worse patient outcomes and that some bad outcomes on the wards, especially cardiac arrests, are predictable, the Chicago hospitalists looked ... Although research on the effects of the
December 2011

MI performance measures, health literacy and LOS, and more

care practices; advocating for the development of regionalized systems of care; and outlining future research priorities. ... The results differ from previous research on other patient populations with severe bacterial infections, the authors noted.
February 2018

Speedy sepsis care, intubation after cardiac arrest, and more

In patients who recently had an acute ischemic stroke, prolonged Holter monitoring identified significantly more cases of atrial fibrillation than standard care, a recent study found. ... Antipyretic treatment does not significantly improve 28-day or
June 2017

Antibiotics and AKI, stroke rehab, and more

They called for further research into the role of the ED in supporting care transitions for recently hospitalized patients. ... Thirty-day mortality rates may be an effective measure of hospitals' quality of care for heart failure (HF) patients,
June 2018

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