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Letter from the Editor

Recent research suggests it may be, at least as far as medication errors go.
April 2011

Fluid balance, MI rule-out, anticoagulation after hemorrhage, and more

Future research should combine this rule-out strategy with assessment of risk factors and symptoms, the authors suggested. ... Ularitide, an intravenous synthetic form of the renal vasodilatory natriuretic peptide urodilatin, did not improve mortality
September 2017

Recent Research

Troponin T levels independently predict 30-day mortality after noncardiac surgery, a recent study found. ... Existing tools to predict 30-day mortality, which also have been recommended to identify patients for ICU admission, have been shown in recent
October 2012

Recent Research

0.6% of controls; adjusted rate ratio [ARR], 4.50). Neither recent use (0.3% of cases vs. ... Thrombolytic therapy improves mortality in unstable patients with acute pulmonary embolism (PE) but is underused, according to a recent study.
September 2012

Letter from the Editor

Hospitalists are always working to improve handoffs to primary care physicians, and recent research suggests that pending test results at discharge are a particularly vulnerable area. ... Lack of mentors can be a problem, as can lack of time to
December 2009

Prescription monitoring, families in the ICU, and more

Research is needed to identify a set of best practices and complementary initiatives to address potential consequences of PDMPs, the authors wrote. ... Family attendance in ICU rounds may increase their duration but improve communication, according to
August 2018

The healing arts

Recent research has found that programs incorporating art therapy (which has traditionally been used mostly with pediatric and psychiatric patients) reduced pain and fatigue for adult cancer patients.
February 2012

Improving outcomes with new roles

Despite having the same number of rapid responses, “our codes have been the lowest in the recent years,” said Dr. ... Other programs might want to consider these benefits, especially in light of recent research questioning hospitalists' value, he
November 2011

Stop doing that

So it's good news that recent research suggests one can use a more restrictive transfusion strategy with cardiac patients. ... In February 2012, an article in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine looked at all existing research on the two indices and
June 2012

Preventing AKI

effects. Recent research has tried to identify patient risk factors that predict AKI. ... Ongoing research, though, continues to find gaps in what's understood about the onset of AKI and therefore how to prevent it.
December 2015

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