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Improving outcomes with new roles

Despite having the same number of rapid responses, “our codes have been the lowest in the recent years,” said Dr. ... Other programs might want to consider these benefits, especially in light of recent research questioning hospitalists' value, he
November 2011

What's new on ACP Internist's blog

Here's a sampling of recent posts and comments from the blog. ... It's a finding that almost anyone (except those grumpy old guys who also walked uphill both ways to their residencies) would agree with …. Internship years often trigger depression
January 2009

Simple steps help prevent ICU delirium

Promoting alertness and orientation during daytime hours also helps prevent delirium, according to recent research. ... Another promising area of research is cognitive stimulation—”essentially using games to exercise the brain,” said Dr.
November 2017

Therapeutic hypothermia, HAI network, and more

The program's results were published as a supplement, which was supported by the Health Research & Educational Trust, on Oct. ... Fluoroquinolones are often prescribed at hospital discharge, and many such prescriptions may not be appropriate, according
May 2020

Sepsis cultures, resuscitation score, and more

Antipsychotics are not effective for the prevention or treatment of delirium in hospitalized adults, according to two recent reviews. ... Intensifying the medication regimens of older patients with hypertension at hospital discharge was associated with
April 2020

The imperfection of ICU admission decisions

Recent research on the effects of ICU care has shown mixed results. ... and we have double Canada.”. The American supply of ICU beds may have dropped in recent years, however, according to a research letter by Dr.
February 2019

Recent Research

Patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) may benefit from systemic corticosteroid therapy, according to a recent study. ... Hand-hygiene interventions in hospitals effectively increase compliance in health care workers, and more
October 2015


Many physicians use outdated practices to assess the neurological function of patients after cardiac arrest, according to a recent survey of specialists. ... The study authors noted that although these used to be considered robust predictors, more recent
November 2019

Postop deaths, sepsis projects

Efforts in recent years to improve sepsis care have been successful, according to two recent studies. ... The authors also called for additional research to determine whether future measurement and penalty programs are succeeding in improving patient
February 2020

Individual case: Cardiac tamponade and acute liver failure

Recent research has hypothesized that low cardiac output (i.e., cardiogenic shock) is a more likely culprit than systemic vasodilation (i.e., distributive shock) in ischemic hepatitis.
January 2019

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