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New antiviral for flu approved

Normal programming of the devices remains unchanged, as it does not require network connectivity, and reprogramming is not required as a result of the correction.
December 2018

A collection of individual cases

Aggressive repletion is the mainstay of therapy. B12 repletion leads to complete correction of hematologic abnormalities in at least two-thirds of patients.
May 2017

Cases from John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County

Management of spontaneous TLS, as with treatment-induced TLS, includes hydration, medication to reduce uric acid concentration, and correction of electrolyte abnormalities.
January 2019

Is it observation or inpatient?

observation.” That correction was easily made—total joints are always inpatient and a change to the physician's electronic pathway fixed the problem—but Dr.
November 2009


Since up to 30% ofstroke volume goes cephal-ad, a correction factor mustbe included in calculationsof stroke volume and car-diac output.
March 2010

Cases from Brooke Army Medical Center

Treatment focuses on the prompt correction of hypovolemia and anemia, but in the absence of transfusion, other modalities such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (where available) are considered.
March 2017

New cardiac warning for fluoroquinolones

The FDA has recommended that the company recall all unexpired drug products intended to be sterile and cease sterile operations until adequate corrections are made.
February 2019


Revisiting InpatientHyperglycemiaNew Recommendations,Evolving Data, and Practical Implications for ImplementationGuest Editor: Etie S. Moghissi, MD, FACE. A Supplement to ACP HospitalistRelease date: December 15, 2009Expiration date: December 31,
November 2009

6 ACP Hospitalist • September 2018 coding corner Acute ...

Like prerenal AKI, ATN can often be promptly corrected if treated aggressively and early with IV fluid resuscitation and correction of any precipitating factors.
August 2018

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