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Should you seek a nephrology consultation when caring for patients with renal failure?

Proteinuria and nephritic syndrome. Acute or chronic renal failure. Correction of electrolyte imbalance.
August 2009

Test yourself: MKSAP quiz on hematology

Fresh frozen plasma is used when urgent correction is required. In this patient, the normal thrombin time and platelet count and elevated fibrinogen level are not suggestive of a diagnosis of
December 2011

Warning on risk of hacking with cardiac devices

The company will conduct a hardware device correction for all affected devices.
March 2017

Patients with pumps

And any patient who is cognitively impaired or too sick to self-manage should be taken off the pump and placed on background insulin, pre-meal bolus insulin and correction doses,
April 2014

6 ACP Hospitalist • September 2018 coding corner Acute ...

Like prerenal AKI, ATN can often be promptly corrected if treated aggressively and early with IV fluid resuscitation and correction of any precipitating factors.
August 2018


Revisiting Inpatient Hyperglycemia New Recommendations, Evolving Data, and Practical Implications for Implementation Guest Editor: Etie S. Moghissi, MD, FACE. A Supplement to ACP Hospitalist Release date: December 15, 2009 Expiration date: December
November 2009

With acute pancreatitis, time is of the essence

Both the ACP Smart Medicine module and the ACG guidelines note the need for pain management and the correction of any abnormalities in electrolytes.
January 2014

Warning about HBV reactivation with HCV drugs

Nearly 350, 000 affected devices remain actively implanted worldwide, although the manufacturer has initiated a recall and correction of affected devices.
December 2016

6 ACP Hospitalist • May 2018 coding corner The ...

correction: Bronchoalveolar lavage. Type of drainage procedure. ICD-10-CM code. OR procedure.
May 2018

Test yourself: Blood transfusions

The prednisone has not slowed the hemolysis, and the patient requires rapid correction of her oxygen- carrying capacity.
October 2008

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