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Complications due to medications and toxic substances

ICD-10-CM classifies adverse therapeutic drug reactions as adverse effects, poisoning, or underdosing.
May 2018

6 ACP Hospitalist • September 2018 coding corner Acute ...

Like prerenal AKI, ATN can often be promptly corrected if treated aggressively and early with IV fluid resuscitation and correction of any precipitating factors.
August 2018

Walking the tightrope of medical necessity

inpatient care, the status can be changed if the hospital follows the required steps for making the correction.
December 2009


Revisiting InpatientHyperglycemiaNew Recommendations,Evolving Data, and Practical Implications for ImplementationGuest Editor: Etie S. Moghissi, MD, FACE. A Supplement to ACP HospitalistRelease date: December 15, 2009Expiration date: December 31,
November 2009

Should you seek a nephrology consultation when caring for patients with renal failure?

Proteinuria and nephritic syndrome. Acute or chronic renal failure. Correction of electrolyte imbalance.
August 2009

Hospitalist issues take hold at Board of Governors meeting

Additionally, insurance plans should periodically report to doctors on their performance measures and should allow enough time for appeals and corrections before penalties are instituted, the Governors said.“ The College should
June 2007

Take a balanced approach to sodium imbalances

On the other end, excessively rapid correction of hyponatremia can cause osmotic demyelination syndrome (formerly known as central pontine myelinolysis). ... Obviously, he noted, the correction should be made using 5% dextrose in water (D5W) rather than
December 2013

Patients with pumps

And any patient who is cognitively impaired or too sick to self-manage should be taken off the pump and placed on background insulin, pre-meal bolus insulin and correction doses,
April 2014

Acute ventilatory failure

A 63-year-old woman is evaluated in the emergency department for a three-day history of increasing dyspnea... and other cases.
June 2007

6 ACP Hospitalist • May 2018 coding corner The ...

correction: Bronchoalveolar lavage. Type of drainage procedure. ICD-10-CM code. OR procedure.
May 2018

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