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Studies show pandemic's effects on emergency care, NIH recommends baricitinib for some

Multiple studies found changed patterns in cardiac emergencies and care associated with the pandemic, and the NIH's COVID-19 guideline panel recommended baricitinib for patients on high-flow oxygen or noninvasive ventilation.

Elevated troponin I levels during sepsis may indicate risk for postsepsis CV complications

A U.S. retrospective study looked at rates of atherosclerotic disease, atrial fibrillation, and heart failure in the year after sepsis in patients with elevated troponin I levels and no previous diagnosis of cardiovascular (CV) disease.

Routine frailty screening may help predict risk for poor outcomes in critically ill patients

In a study of 175 ICUs in Australia and New Zealand, patients who were frail at ICU admission had an in-hospital mortality rate of 16% compared to 5% in those who were not. Frail patients also had longer lengths of stay in the ICU and hospital.

ACP advises on physician suicide prevention; study examines depression in med students

New ethical guidance from the College offers advice on how to respond to physician suicide, while a recent study found that depressive symptoms became more common as medical students progressed through school.

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