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D-dimer, lung ultrasound, and ICU protocols all helpful, latest COVID-19 research says

D-dimer predicted clots in ICU patients better than scores or other markers, lung ultrasound was an effective triage tool, and a protocol for respiratory failure improved ICU survival early on in the pandemic, recent studies found.

New score predicts sepsis survivors' risk of unplanned rehospitalization or death in first year after discharge

The validated score, which uses eight risk factors, may help inform prognosis discussions, trial design, and follow-up care of adult patients surviving to hospital discharge after a critical care unit admission for sepsis.

Nearly half of inpatients with pneumonia or urinary tract infection were overprescribed antibiotics after discharge

The most common types of antibiotic overuse after discharge included excess duration for pneumonia and unnecessary treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria, a retrospective cohort study found.

Guidance calls for increased awareness of drug-induced arrhythmias

Some arrhythmias caused by medications, such as bradyarrhythmias and atrial tachycardia, are notable mainly due to their symptoms, while others, such as Brugada syndrome and torsades de points, can lead to sudden death, a scientific statement from the American Heart Association said.

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