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Latest COVID-19 research focuses on another drug, racial disparities, early infections

A Brazilian trial found benefit from tofacitinib in hospitalized patients, while a study of Medicare patients showed racial disparities might stem from differences between hospitals.

Promotion rates, scholarly productivity appear low in academic hospital medicine

In a cross-sectional study of U.S. academic hospital medicine faculty at top institutions, 2.7% had reached the rank of full professor, and scholarly publication overall was uncommon, with more than half of the hospitalists having never published.

Intubations during in-hospital cardiac arrest decreased from 2001 through 2018

The most substantial decline followed the American Heart Association's 2010 guideline update, which prioritized chest compressions over airway management for in-hospital cardiac arrest.

High-sensitivity troponin reduced the cascade of cardio interventions after chest pain

An analysis of ED patients found an increase in repeat troponin testing and EKGs, but reductions in CT scans, stress tests, cardiology evaluations, and hospitalizations associated with implementation of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin testing.

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