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Nutritional support associated with improved outcomes in malnourished, at-risk inpatients

Findings of an updated systematic review and meta-analysis suggest that all hospitalized patients should be screened with a validated nutrition-screening tool, and those at risk should receive individualized nutrition support, an accompanying editorial said.

Geographic cohorting may increase patient interactions, but with potential risks

An observational study used geotracking to determine the time that 17 hospitalists spent in direct patient care (defined as time in patient rooms) and indirect care (defined as other locations).

Elevated troponin levels associated with increased mortality in all age groups

Troponin was directly associated with mortality in patients without acute coronary syndrome and those with acute coronary syndrome who were managed medically. In patients treated invasively, there was a paradoxical decrease in mortality risk at the highest troponin levels.

Survey finds shortcomings in assessment of neurologic function after cardiac arrest

More than a third of clinicians said they used absent corneal reflexes and absent pupillary reflexes at 24 hours to assess patient prognosis, even though guidelines recommend waiting 72 hours.

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