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NOACs recommended instead of warfarin for some afib patients, guideline states

An updated guideline on atrial fibrillation responds to new evidence, as well as the advent of new drugs and devices to treat the condition.

Early norepinephrine was associated with faster control of septic shock

Three-quarters of patients in a trial group who received norepinephrine soon after ED arrival (a median of 93 minutes) had septic shock controlled within six hours, compared to only about half of those receiving standard care.

Studies analyze rise in infective endocarditis hospitalizations related to drug use

One recent study found an increase since 2008 in the hospitalization rate for stroke associated with infective endocarditis and opioid use, while another compared outcomes of infective endocarditis among patients who inject drugs versus those who do not.

Antibiotic use common during asthma hospitalizations, associated with longer stay

For patients receiving systemic corticosteroids during an asthma hospitalization, getting antibiotics in addition wasn't associated with any reduction in treatment failure, according to a large retrospective study.

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