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SHM issues position statement on ultrasound-guided procedures

The Society of Hospital Medicine calls for written or oral examinations, as well as patient-based assessments with feedback, for credentialing in ultrasound-guided procedures.

New guidelines issued on contact precautions for C. diff, resistant infections

The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America advises discontinuing contact precautions after obtaining between one and three negative cultures in certain cases of drug-resistant infections, among other recommendations.

Continuous hydrocortisone did not reduce mortality from septic shock

Some secondary outcomes were better among patients receiving a continuous infusion of hydrocortisone than those on placebo, including risk of blood transfusion and time to resolution of shock.

ED physicians and hospitalists differ on potential preventability of admissions

Physicians interviewed for the study attributed the difference between the specialties' evaluations on which admissions were potentially preventable to differences in clinician training, risk assessment, and clinician understanding of outpatient access.

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