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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Readers respond to CAM, alternative scheduling. In response to the question raised in April's“ Integrative medicine: Coming to a hospital near you”, yes, CAM (complementary and ... This model would be fine providing:. 1. The
July 2008

Letters to the Editor

From cover to cover, it seemed like every article was related to an active issue for me—observation coding confusion, mentoring, newbie interns, a guide for future hospitalists, meeting overload, and ... all the other articles… everything applied to
October 2012

Letters to the Editor

C-STAHR uses the“ problem tree” as a guide to developing focused interventions addressing specific factors. ... To address this issue, a combination of community, student, and clinician input led to the selection of a communication/self-advocacy form
April 2016


I teach students, medical residents and fellows daily and find your articles to be highly useful as a means of reviewing recent studies and recommendations. ... It could suggest to clinicians that a“ therapeutic” rather than prophylactic dose be used.
July 2007

Deciding about CPR: Readers respond

Deciding about CPR: Readers respond. Another approach to the very difficult decision faced by the hospitalist described by Dr. ... of multiple intravascular catheters and a bladder catheter, would it be acceptable to adhere to the recorded DNR order?
August 2008

Letter to the Editor

There are adverse outcomes despite perfect care in medicine. That's the whole point behind malpractice suits, trying to sort out who had the bad outcome due to a true problem, ... or who simply had a bad outcome despite every possible measure taken to
October 2008

Shorter physician work week reflects changes in activities

In our clinic of nine physicians, every single one of us has had to cut patient contact hours to serve as our own transcriptionists and data entry personnel for the insurance ... I am sure that this is a net savings for the system, which is then able to
April 2010

Extensivists and near miss programs: Readers respond to December issue

It would create a true medical home for people, as opposed to the current proposed model, which separates inpatient care from the“ home's” responsibility set. ... Residency programs have used the survey as a way to document competency in
February 2012

Catch them if you can

They are not only costly to the health care system but can hurt other patients. ... Fitzgerald, who saw a patient once who had flown to hospitals around the country and even in Europe.“ They used to publish letters to the editor, even in the Journal of
September 2012

Coding malnutrition

A reader responds to the Coding Corner on malnutrition, published in our January issue. ... The severity and type of malnutrition are therefore both critical pieces of clinical information and should not be dismissed to a single non-MCC or non-CC code.
June 2017

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