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Letter to the Editor

As a result, I work the same number of shifts during the month as my colleagues, but I am able to enjoy activities outside the scope of medicine. ... The doctor who is “rushing with patients and their family members because we have so many other
November 2011

Letter to the editor

The described patient clearly has a septic shock picture probably due to a urinary tract infection. ... The term urosepsis is too nonspecific and, unless modified, will result in the hospital receiving an inappropriately low level of reimbursement for
March 2009


By isolating the MRSA patients to one floor, the spread of infection to non-MRSA-infected or -colonized patients would obviously be reduced. ... Somebody needs to think “outside the box,” as what the medical community is doing now is not working.
September 2007

Caring for sexual minorities: Readers respond

In her response to the article “Clinicians and the care of sexual minorities,” Nancy Lawless describes gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people as having made a “lifestyle choice” that “leads to ... impact of her views on her patients
September 2008

Letter to the Editor

importance of reviewing notes to make sure the final product is accurate, I believe she omitted two important points. ... In doing so, case managers rely on the progress notes to “tell the story” of why the patient remains in the hospital.
May 2013

Deciding about CPR: Readers respond

Deciding about CPR: Readers respond. Another approach to the very difficult decision faced by the hospitalist described by Dr. ... of multiple intravascular catheters and a bladder catheter, would it be acceptable to adhere to the recorded DNR order?
August 2008

Bundled fee system can work

ACP Hospitalist, December 2009). I believe there will be more bundled money available to the hospitalist as well as to hospitalist groups if they are willing to adapt a new strategy ... You do not need to call the neurologist or endocrinologist to the
March 2010

Letter to the Editor

We also offer consultations to other subspecialties when requested. We are striving to promote the hospital medicine concept here and are aiming to achieve standards of excellence in patient care and ... How would that impact my practice?” We have been
December 2009

Letter to the Editor

There are adverse outcomes despite perfect care in medicine. That's the whole point behind malpractice suits, trying to sort out who had the bad outcome due to a true problem, ... or who simply had a bad outcome despite every possible measure taken to
October 2008

Letter to the Editor

The Association of Postgraduate Physician Assistant Programs (APPAP) was formed in 1988 to further specialty education for PAs. ... APPAP members work with the American Academy of Physician Assistants and the Physician Assistant Education Association on
June 2009

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