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Extensivists and near miss programs: Readers respond to December issue

It would create a true medical home for people, as opposed to the current proposed model, which separates inpatient care from the “home's” responsibility set. ... Residency programs have used the survey as a way to document competency in
February 2012

Nurses and delirium

A reader responds to a recent article on preventing delirium in the ICU. ... Dr. Goodson is quoted saying, “Nurses are unlikely to feel motivated to mobilize patients and monitor for delirium if physicians never ask for this information or make changes
February 2018

Letter to the Editor

As a result, I work the same number of shifts during the month as my colleagues, but I am able to enjoy activities outside the scope of medicine. ... The doctor who is “rushing with patients and their family members because we have so many other
November 2011

Coding malnutrition

A reader responds to the Coding Corner on malnutrition, published in our January issue. ... The severity and type of malnutrition are therefore both critical pieces of clinical information and should not be dismissed to a single non-MCC or non-CC code.
June 2017

Pushback from a primary care physician

I am accustomed to the snide use of LMD (“local MD”) in university hospital history and physicals by ivory-tower residents who think no one but them knows anything about practicing ... Our initiative to encourage primary care physicians to contribute
May 2018

Letter to the Editor: Reader disagrees about kefir for C. diff

After reading the article “A tasty solution to recurrent Clostridium difficile” (ACP Hospitalist, September 2014), I can't help but have a few concerns. ... According to the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), there are no convincing data
November 2014

Pulmonary testing

A reader responds to a recent article about perioperative testing. I read with interest the article on perioperative management of cardiac and pulmonary patients (“Questions and answers in periop medicine,” January ... Obviously he did very well
March 2018

Letter to the Editor

Our standard of practice is to use the total 24-hour oral morphine equivalent as a guide to the PRN dosage and frequency. ... Restricting the total PRN use to the remaining 40% limits the patient.
August 2013

Caring for sexual minorities: Readers respond

In her response to the article “Clinicians and the care of sexual minorities,” Nancy Lawless describes gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people as having made a “lifestyle choice” that “leads to ... impact of her views on her patients
September 2008

Bundled fee system can work

ACP Hospitalist, December 2009). I believe there will be more bundled money available to the hospitalist as well as to hospitalist groups if they are willing to adapt a new strategy ... You do not need to call the neurologist or endocrinologist to the
March 2010

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